Wondering What to do in Munich During Lockdown? Here’s 6 Ideas

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As we continue into another month of lockdown, we figured it would be helpful to round up a list of fun things to do in Munich that are lockdown-friendly.

We hope you enjoy this list, and of course let us know in the comments if you have any other lockdown-friendly things to do in Munich that we left out.

NOTE: As restrictions begin to ease, we should be able to start doing more things like visiting museums and cultural sites, but for now, these are simple ideas that don’t rely on easing. Enjoy!

1. Act like a tourist in your own city by enjoying a self-guided walking tour

Like many people around the city, our favourite lockdown hobby keeping us sane has been going for walks around town.

But since travel has been off the table for a while, we decided to start exploring Munich through the lens of tourists. You’ll never believe all the cool and interesting gems we’ve found!

We’ve started to assemble our own self-guided walking tours by neighbourhood, filled with fun facts and interesting sights, so check them out if you’re interested:

PS: Walking tours are always better with a good coffee in hand…

Wondering What to do in Munich During Lockdown? Here's 6 Ideas

2. Go hunting for street art

Did you know that Munich has lots of cool murals scattered around the city?

Sure, Munich’s alternative scene isn’t as well known as say, Berlin’s, but we do have our pockets of cool here and there… and since street art is all open-air, looking at street art is hands down one of the best lockdown-friendly activities our city has to offer!

Check out our street art in Munich post for ideas.

Wondering What to do in Munich During Lockdown? Here's 6 Ideas

3. Explore Munich’s Art Nouveau legacy

Besides street art, Munich also has another open-air “museum” of sorts – its glorious trail of art nouveau buildings!

Following these stunning mansions and villas are a perfect way to see Munich through a different lens, and of course feel like you’re somewhat ‘traveling’. 

Check out our list of must-see Art Nouveau places in Munich for more inspiration.

Wondering What to do in Munich During Lockdown? Here's 6 Ideas
Photo by Olivia Cashman, 2019

4. Geek out over your own city and learn more about Munich

Another thing that has been keeping us sane during lockdown?

Gaining a greater appreciation for Munich by learning more about its unique history and lesser known facts.

Check out our list of some fun facts about Munich that you probably didn’t know for some inspiration.

BUT did you know for instance that Queen frontman Freddie Mercury lived here? Or that you can have brunch at the Maximilaneum, an epic building where there’s actually students living under the swankiest scholarship in Germany? 

We love learning more about Munich as a means of distraction/keeping busy, so we hope you can nerd out with us too!

Wondering What to do in Munich During Lockdown? Here's 6 Ideas

5. Sample Munich’s culinary scene from home

All in the name of stimulating the economy, right?

Lockdown has been hard on all of us, but one industry that has been especially hard hit is gastronomy.

So don’t forget to support local and order delivery every once in a while.

Apps like Lieferando and Volt make this easy, but try to order directly when you can to ensure that restaurants get to keep a larger share of profits.

Need inspiration? Check out our Munich restaurants section.

And while take-out/delivery may not seem like the most glamorous lockdown thing to do, there are some ways you can make this really fun.

Here are some ideas:

  • Make a theme night out of it – get a certain cuisine then watch a movie from that country too, or mix up some drinks from that culture
  • Make a fancy date night of it – set up a white tablecloth, light some candles, and re-serve your delivery on nice plates. This can make a huge difference experience-wise!
  • For 20+ ideas on cute at-home date nights, this article is awesome
Wondering What to do in Munich During Lockdown? Here's 6 Ideas

6. Plan out your own Bavaria/Germany bucket list 

While travel isn’t in the cards for us right now, one thing’s for sure: adventures closer to home are the way to go. 

And even if you can’t book a place to stay right now, your downtime in lockdown can easily be used to strategize and plan for future adventures whether it’s day trips, weekend trips or something a little lengthier.

Here are some posts that might help you dream a little:

Wondering What to do in Munich During Lockdown? Here's 6 Ideas

Do you have any more ideas for what to do during lockdown in Munich?

Let us know in the comments!

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