20+ Day Trips from Munich by Train (Trips to Take with the Bayern Ticket!)

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If you live in Munich, you probably already know about the magical cost-saving deal that is the Bayern Ticket.

With it, you can access unlimited travel on regional trains in Bavaria for a full day, and the price only gets smaller per person the more friends you add, which makes it the perfect weapon for a group day trip.

But where can you go from Munich with a Bayern Ticket?

The possibilities are (seemingly) endless, so we’ve compiled a list for you of the best places you can visit from Munich using this wonderful money-saver.

Below, you’ll find some of our top recommendations, but of course feel free to let us know in the comments too if there are any more you think we should add! Enjoy.

First: Buying your Bayern Ticket Online

We highly recommend buying your Bayern Ticket online in advance – it’s an easy, convenient and contactless option.

You can do that here, or read our step by step guide on how to buy a Bayern Ticket online.

Cool Cities You Can Visit with the Bayern Ticket

Let’s start with city breaks!

There are a lot of cool cities you can visit as a day trip from Munich using the Bayern Ticket, although if you want to save time, most can be reached quicker using ICE trains.

NOTE: We have to be honest, in some cases, ICE trains might be worth it for the amount of time you save, especially if you are able to get a super Sparpreis ticket. Click here to browse current deals and check your route.


Journey time with regional trains: 1.5 hours

A day trip to Salzburg from Munich is like a rite of passage for anyone who has moved here…

After all, it’s an easy journey, Salzburg is a beautiful city, and it’s filled with culture to the brim, whether you’re here to revel in Sound of Music fandom (much of it was filmed here!) or Mozart (who was born here!).

You can click here for a full day trip guide from Munich to Salzburg.

NOTE: Salzburg is probably one of the most popular day trips you can do from Munich, and it’s also a very popular spot among international tourists, so be prepared for large crowds if you are coming during a peak period like holidays or weekends.


Journey time with regional trains: 2h – 2h 15 minutes

Ulm is home to one of the coolest landmarks in Germany – the Ulm Minster, which is currently the tallest church in the world!

It also happens to be the birthplace of Albert Einstein, and boasts a host of unique cultural offerings including an entire museum dedicated to bread culture.

Photo by Luis Fernando Felipe Alves on Unsplash


Journey time with regional trains: 1h 40 minutes – 2h 40 minutes

Nuremberg is a fascinating historical city famous for its Christmas market, gorgeous castle and stunning Hauptmarkt.

Besides these obvious landmarks though, Nuremberg is also a cool city with plenty of hidden gems to discover, including the a host of fun museums like Germanisches Nationalmuseum (home to the oldest globe in the world) and the hip GoHo district where you can make all your hipster dreams come true.


Journey time with regional trains: 1.5h – 2h

Regensburg is a UNESCO protected city, oozing with historical beauty and medieval charm.

From its towering Saint Peter’s Cathedral to its historic 12th century “Old Stone Bridge”, there is plenty to do here to keep you occupied on a day trip from Munich. Plus, it apparently has the highest concentration of bars in Germany.


Journey time with regional trains: 2h 50 minutes – 3h 40 minutes

While grabbing an ICE train to Bamberg is no doubt the most efficient way to visit as a day trip, it’s still doable as a (lengthy) Bayern Ticket day trip if you put your mind to it!

Bamberg has plenty of things to do: it’s home to one of the prettiest Town Halls in Germany, which sits prettily on its own river island. It also has its own Little Venice lined with beautiful houses, and our personal favourite: the unique Bamberg Rauschbier which (while an acquired taste) is more than reason enough on its own to visit!


Journey time with regional trains: 3 – 4 hours

Another very long day trip you can do with a Bayern Ticket is to Würzburg. Again, an ICE Train would be much quicker and more efficient, but you can definitely save a lot by going with a Bayern Ticket.

Würzburg is a stunning Franconian gem with loads to offer to day trippers – from its epic Baroque Palace (the Residenz) to its towering Dom, everything is made all the more atmospheric by the fact that this city is surrounded by vineyards!

Image by Peter H from Pixabay

Awesome Nature Spots & Hikes You Can Visit with a Bayern Ticket

NOTE: There are a lot of other cool lakes near Munich that are so close, you don’t even need a Bayern Ticket to visit them, just a regular day ticket with the entire MVV network (which is cheaper).

Check out our roundup of our favourite lakes near Munich for more information on these lakes. Below, we’ll be showcasing nature spots that need a Bayern ticket specifically, rather than a regular MVV day ticket.


Journey time with regional trains: 2.5 hours via train and bus

Eibsee is one of the most stunning lakes in Germany.

With the towering Zugspitze in the background, and picture perfect views all along the lake’s loop trail, this is one of the best value “hikes” and day trips you can do if it’s stunning views you’re prioritizing.


Journey time with regional trains: Almost 3 hours total, including 2 hours to the Garmisch-Partenkirchen train station, then a 15 min bus ride to the Ski Jump, and 30 min walk from the Ski Jump to Partnachklamm

Pardon the pun, but Partnachklamm is seriously gorge-ous.

This unique natural wonder is in Garmisch-Partenkirchen and features a 700m long gorge with tunnels and caves carved directly into the rock.

It’s a stunning must-see, with the water sometimes looking like an electric shade of blue. Here’s more info.


Journey time with regional trains: 1 hour

The Schliersee to Hohenwaldeck Castle Ruins hike is one of our favourite easy hikes near Munich.

The lake itself is also stunning on a sunny day, with excellent views all around and several nice spots to grab a beer in the sunshine.


Journey time with regional trains: 1.5 hours

For beer lovers, Tegernsee is a day trip from Munich that requires no introduction.

Besides drinking some of its iconic beer at its brewery, Tegernsee is also an ideal base for various and hikes and water sports. Even just a walk around its scenic shores is guaranteed to put you in a better mood!


Journey time with regional trains: 1.5 hours via train and bus

Walchensee is a haven of water sports including even scuba diving – after all, this is one of the deepest lakes in Germany!

This is one of our favourite day trips from Munich because Walchensee is absolutely beautiful. For an extra special view, consider taking the Herzogstandbahn, or even doing the amazing hike between Herzogstand and Heimgarten.


Journey time with regional trains: 3.5 hours with a train and two buses

Getting to Königssee with a Bayern Ticket from Munich is possible, but not the most comfortable journey. All in all, it’s a very long day, but one that is worth it if you have always had this spectacular lake on your bucket list.

Taking a boat ride on Königssee’s stunning turquoise waters is a must for any Germany bucket list even if it’s very touristy, especially because the lake awaiting you on the other side (Obersee) is just as glorious!

Cool Castles, Palaces and Monuments to Visit with the Bayern Ticket from Munich

We don’t need to tell you that there are tons of amazing castles and palaces near Munich you can visit. Especially with a Bayern ticket in hand, there are plenty of fairytale day trips from Munich that await.

Here are some of our favourite castle/monument related day trips from Munich that you can do with a Bayern Ticket:


Journey time with regional trains: 2.5 hours via a train and bus

The fairytale castle that inspired Walt Disney’s Sleeping Beauty Castle is one of the most famous land marks in Bavaria, and a must-do day trip from Munich that’s doable with the Bayern Ticket.

Besides Neuschwanstein of course, there’s also the Hohenschwangau castle nearby, and the beautiful lakes in the area to explore.


Journey time with regional trains: 2.5 hours via a train and two buses

NOTE: This is kind of an annoying journey with two transfers, so we’d definitely recommend coming by car or private tour. It’s doable by regional train for sure, but it’s a bit of a journey.

While Neuschwanstein is the more famous of Ludwig II’s palaces, we would argue Linderhof is an even more interesting one to visit.

After all, this is the palace where Ludwig II actually lived for an extended period of time, and it’s truly a sight to behold, with a fascinating tour that brings you inside the palace to see what his day to day life was like.

Befreiungshalle (Kelheim)

Journey time with regional trains: About 2 hours via a train, 2 buses, and a walk up to the monument

Bavaria has no shortage of amazing monuments, but the Befreiungshalle in Kelheim is a unique day trip from Munich that we highly recommend.

This hilltop neoclassical monument was built in the 19th century to commemorate victories against Napoleon during the Wars of Liberation. The inside is filled with amazing sculptures and tiles – a must see!


Journey time with regional trains: About 2 hours via a train and bus

Located East of Regensburg, the epic Walhalla is a hall of fame paying tribute to important politicians, artists, scientists and figures from across German history.

This unique hilltop structure has over 130 busts and dozens of plaques on display, and is guaranteed to make you feel like you’ve travelled temporarily away from Germany!

Image by Meli1670 from Pixabay

Beautiful Villages & Towns to Visit with the Bayern Ticket from Munich

Last but not least, if you’re looking for an idyllic little escape to a beautiful town or village near Munich, here are some ideas:


Journey time with regional trains: 1 hour and 40 minutes

Mittenwald is (for us) a quintessential mountain town, and one of the most adorable day tip destinations from Munich.

Found along the border to Austria, the Altstadt here is impossibly charming and there are plenty of great hikes to tackle as well.


Journey time with regional trains: 2 hours

Füssen is of course best known for its proximity to the fairytale castles of Ludwig II, but it’s a town that’s well worth a visit on its own.

From the gorgeous St Mang’s Abbey (home to the oldest fresco in Germany!) to the hidden gem Lechfall, there’s plenty to do here that will keep you entertained on a day trip from Munich.


Journey time with regional trains: 2h 15 minutes

Lying at the confluence of the rivers Inn, Ilz and Danube, Passau is a picture-perfect town that has amazing views around every corner and plenty of historical landmarks to keep you entertained.

While it’s quite a long day trip to do from Munich with a Bayern ticket, it’s well worth a visit – especially for views like these:

Image by A Beijeman from Pixabay


Journey time with regional trains: 45 minutes

We love visiting Rosenheim for its famous beer festival, but it’s a perfect escape any time of year, with plenty of cozy cafés and interesting museums to visit.

We hope you enjoyed this guide to Bayern Ticket day trips!

Let us know in the comments if you have any other day trips you think we should add, or if you have any more questions.

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