There’s So Much To Do And See In Munich…That’s why we’re here, to help cure boredom in Ba-various ways!

Meet Your Bored In Munich Buddies

About Us

This seasoned content strategist and digital storyteller, owns and authors Bored In Munich. With first hand knowledge of Munich’s vibrant culture, Aspen brings a wealth of experience to the table – both in terms of the content we produce over our various platforms, and in recommending the hottest spots in her home town.

Bored in Munich

Elena is the globetrotting International Spanish student who is the ultimate renaissance woman of the team. She loves art, music and finding any new task to take on and add to her growing skill list. When she’s not studying, you can find her out and about exploring the city and soaking up all Munich has to offer.

Our Bored Buddies Contributing From Abroad

Bored in Munich

Sean is a Canadian wordsmith with a knack for turning ideas into compelling stories and also happens to be a professional high jumper. His love for the written word is only rivalled by his passion for storytelling. When he’s not tapping away at his keyboard, you’ll find him planning his next trip, immersed in a good book, or jumping over some sticks in spandex.

Bored in Munich

Our self-proclaimed Listicle Königen. Originally hailing from New Zealand, Anna considers Germany her second home – when she’s not busy recommending her top finds, you’ll find her out exploring til the wee hours, embroiled in an epic book series, or getting out to see what the country has to offer.