Germany’s New Deutschlandticket: All You Need To Know About The 49 Euro Ticket

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If you were a fan of last summer’s 9 euro ticket, then Germany’s new 49 euro train ticket in 2023 is the next best thing! Check out the full breakdown of details for this year’s country wide ticket (Deutschlandticket in German).

Still gliding off the success of the 9 euro ticket (and trying their best to combat the rising energy costs) in 2023, the German government will be introducing the Deutschlandticket or more commonly known, the 49 euro ticket.

This new ticket will be available for purchase online, offering both locals and visitors a fantastic cost effective option for enjoying trips around Germany.

..and the best part, it won’t just last for a season but instead will settle in for a couple years!

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What Is The Deutschlandticket / 49 Euro Train Ticket In Germany?

Deutschlandticket 49 euro Train Ticket

The Deutschlandticket is set for release starting in May 2023 and will be available for purchase until 31st December of the same year.

It can be used for unlimited travel within the country, on any regional train, any day of the week, including holidays.

Unlike its predecessor, the 9 euro ticket, the 49 euro ticket will be available for purchase digitally in the form of monthly subscription model.

However, before you worry about getting locked into any annual commitments, the ticket can be cancelled on a monthly basis, so as long as set yourself a reminder to!

Due to the nature of this digital subscription model, most likely there will not be any options to purchase the ticket outside of app, but we have yet to hear a solid confirmation on that

Who Is Eligible For The Deutschlandticket / 49 Euro Ticket?

The 49 euro ticket will be available to anyone travelling within Germany. All travellers must have an account with the corresponding German railway apps i.e Deutsche Bahn, MVG, BVG etc… and a valid bank account tied for the monthly cost debit to be eligible for the ticket.

The 49 euro Deutschlandticket is non-transferable and can be purchased through the Munich transportation app or the app/online through Deutsche Bahn.

Along with the non-transferable detail of the Deutschlandticket , its important to know it also does not include taking other people with you, dogs or bikes.

Where Can The Deutschlandticket / 49 Euro Ticket Be Used?

The 49 euro Deutschlandticket is valid on any train operated by Deutsche Bahn, including the Regional Express trains.

Basically, you can purchase this ticket to replace your usual (and increasingly expensive, we are personally very excited for this) monthly Munich Isarcard of which you can use to travel through Germany and cover your local transport needs in which other Germany city you explore.

But do make sure to keep in mind the fine print! These are the transportation methods not covered by the 49 euro ticket;

  • Long distance trains; ICs, ICEs and ECs
  • 1st class or special booking train sections
  • Flixtrain or Flix busses

When Will The Deutschlandticket / 49 Euro Ticket Be Available?

Germany's New Deutschlandticket: All You Need To Know About The 49 Euro Ticket
Photo by Justus Menke on Unsplash

The 49 euro train ticket will be valid for use on any regional train in Germany from May 1st* to December 31st, 2023.

*Ticket sales begin April 1, 2023!

Initially, the Deutschland ticket will be available for the next two years, after which it will be up for discussion on whether an extension will be held or not.

Where Can I Buy A The Deutschlandticket / 49 Euro Train Ticket?

The 49 euro ticket will become available for purchase starting April 1, 2023 and valid for use starting May 1, 2023.

Interested in getting ordering your Deutschlandticket? Here are some helpful links to the websites where you can sign up for it!;

Additional Details About Deutschlandticket / The 49 Euro Ticket

Deutschlandticket 49 euro Train Ticket
Photo by Christian Lue on Unsplash

In What Form Will I Get The Deutschlandticket?

You can receive it in the form of a smartphone ticket or an electronic chip card in the mail.

Can Children Travel With The Deutschlandticket?

In general, children under 6 years of age and younger travel free of charge on public transport in Germany. With the Deutschlandticket, children over the age of 6 must have their own subscription.

Is The Deutschlandticket Transferable?

No it is not. It can only be used for the person who signed up for the subscription.

How Do I Cancel My Deutschlandticket?

The Deutschlandticket is an ongoing subscription with the price being automatically deducted from your bank account on a monthly basis.

In order to cancel, follow this quick summary;

  • Visit the website or app where you bought your ticket (such as the German Bahn website, DB Navigator app, or local public transport association’s site).
  • You can cancel and get a full refund if your ticket is purchased before the 10th day of the current calendar month.
  • To avoid being charged for the next month, cancel your ongoing subscription before the 10th day of the current month. (For example, if you want to cancel a July subscription, you must do so by June 10.)

How Do I Buy A The Deutschlandticket / 49 Euro Train Ticket If I Don’t Have A German Bank Account?

Germany's New Deutschlandticket: All You Need To Know About The 49 Euro Ticket
Photo from Wise

This monthly subscription-based ticket provides all the advantages of budget travelling in Germany, except that it must be paid by an automatic debit from a German bank account, or an IBAN.

However, after we’ve found a great (and FREE) solution to this for those without a European or German bank account: The multi-currency account app Wise!

Germany's New Deutschlandticket: All You Need To Know About The 49 Euro Ticket
Photo from Wise

Wise accounts come with the option to generate local bank details for up to 10 currencies, so you can receive money for free from 30+ countries…or in this case, create an IBAN account number (that pulls from your local bank account) to use to purchase the Deutschlandticket.

For the full breakdown on how to buy the Deutschlandticket / 49 euro ticket, we’ve created a special blog post for you to read all about it here!

Looking For More Information About The Deutschlandticket / 49 Euro Train Ticket?

➡️ We have an additional post here with more common FAQs!

Or if you don’t see the answer you need, feel free to ask below and we’ll try to get an answer back to you! And be sure to check out our Instagram & TikTok for more content coming up!

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    124 thoughts on “Germany’s New Deutschlandticket: All You Need To Know About The 49 Euro Ticket”

    1. I live in the USA. My bank account is with Bank of America. Can I like my bank account information to the new ticket subscription?

      James Peterson

    2. Hello,
      This sounds perfect for what my wife and I want to do. We will be spending 16 days in Germany later this year as part of our retirement trip to Europe. As I understand it; we will be able to travel from Berlin to Dresden, Dresden to Nuremberg , and do day trips to Bamberg, Rothernburg OT and Meissen as well as all city transport services using this card?
      And just to clarify, can we pay for 2 people on the one card, or do we have to purchase our own cards seperately?
      Thank you for your help.
      Tony (Australia)

      • Hello Tony ( and wife!)
        First off, congrats! That sounds like a fantastic way to kick off the celebrations (:
        And yes that is true, you will be able to travel all through Germany with the 49€ ticket, BUT it is important to make sure when you book trains they are only regional trains (any in city transportation i.e tram, underground, bus etc.. is included as regional). The best plan would be to download the Deutsche Bahn app, and in the settings you can set the search preferences to only show regional trains. The 49€ does NOT cover any IC, ICE or EC trains.
        And regarding the tickets, you and your wife would both need to purchase one.
        Hope that helps and you guys have a fantastic trip!

      • Typically not, but from our experience, border country towns like Munich-Salzburg, Austria or northern Germany to Holland, if there is a regional train from Germany going over in a close proximity this will be covered. Just make sure to double-check for the specific trip you have in mind first.

    3. Do they last 30 days, or do you have to purchase one each calendar month? (We are going to be there 12 days, but across two months…June 28-July 10). Do we each purchase one in this case, or do we have to each buy 2 because we are in 2 calendar months?

      • From what we’ve heard they will be for each month, but we can for sure follow up and double check! And they go by a subscription method, so when you purchase yours you will need to make sure to cancel it otherwise when a new month comes you will be charged for it automatically.

      • When you sign up for the ticket it will ask you for those details, so just make sure to double-check. For the 49€ ticket they actually even offer a special chip card, so just be cautious you don’t accidentally sign up for that

    4. Like the 9 Euro ticket can we also get out to the neighboring/ border countries such as France, Switzerland, Austria, Poland. The Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg?

      • Good question! From what we’ve heard (and experienced) certain border towns like Salzburg from Munich, your regional train trip is covered. But typically the safe rule of thumb is that the 49€ ticket will cover the regional transport until the bored of Germany and that country is met

    5. I willbe visiting Berlin in August (16th August to 1st September). Can I purchase a 49€ ticket and would it cover trips to places like Dresden and others upto a 2 hour journey from Berlin

      • Great question! We realized we forgot this important this a bit after posting and updated it with a solution. One of our team used Wise as a tool for cheaper international transfers, but she told us that they offer a free platform where you can create an IBAN to link to your normal bank account. We tested this out and found it to be the best option! If you have a peek at the bottom of this article, we put all the links and details there. Let us know if that helps or if we can better explain/guide (:

    6. We are travelling to Germany to visit family there -Do you know if it’s possible for a local to buy a ticket on behalf of a visitor ? Do you have to register it in the same name as the bank account?

    7. Hi!!! So… having the 49€ ticket will allow me to travel in Munich, all zones, and all transports (bus, tram, U-Bahn and S-Bahn)? For example, if I go to zone 2 (tram + U-Bahn + S-Bahn), I don’t need to buy another ticket for zone 1 and 2, because I have this one! Is that right?

    8. Hello,

      I have a question.. So i will buy the 49 Euro ticket, and then do I have to make a reservation for the trains I am going to use? Or do I simply hop on in all eligible trains, and await inspection?

      Is there any possibility that they will reject me the entrance to a train, while having the ticket?

      • Good question!
        Typically no, but this depends on the train.
        The general rule of thumb is that if you are traveling between cities or towns you will need to book a ticket, and after what we experienced last summer with the 9€ ticket, it is SUPER important to try and book your ticket since it can guarantee you a seat and ohhhh boyy do the trains get insanely busy and packed with these tickets!

    9. I have a monthly ticket starting from 9th of April. Will I get refund for purchasing 49 euro ticket for month of May(If I make a purchase before 9 May) ?

    10. I have an international Visa Card &i dont live in Germany but i will visit it as Tourist,is it possible to Book online Ticket from my Card while im living in another country? Thanks &have a nice day 🙂

    11. This is exactly the information that I was looking for. I have one more month here in Germany and am so happy that there is a reduced rate only again. Thank you for the update!

    12. hello,
      My one friend has Germany bank account, he will buy 49EUR ticket for himself.
      Further more, can I use his bank account to buy 49EUR ticket for me ?
      One bank account just buy one 49EUR ticket?

    13. I intend to travel with my 16 years old son in Germany in June. Can I buy myself two D-tickets or he needs to install the app and buy it separately? Being not from Germany, but from another EU country, does he receives a lower rate for the ticket? Thanks!

      • Good question! Let us know if this cleared that up well:
        – ICE trains (standing for “Inter City Express” ) in Germany are known for their speed (upwards of 300 km/180 mph), efficiency, and comfort on long distances.
        – IC trains (which stand for “inner city”) usually travel along the same lines as ICE trains but may stop in a few more towns in between.
        – EC trains stand for “Euro City.” These are similar to DB IC trains, where they run long distances, but may cross borders. Like Munich to Salzburg, for example.
        – RE (Regional Express) trains are local train that travels to smaller towns and villages // There are also RB trains (“Regional Bahn.”), which are like the RE, but go a bit slower

    14. Hi, thanks for the article, very interesting

      My husband and I are planning a trip to Germany in September 2023 and the 49€ ticket would be amazing and help keep travel costs low.

      We are from South Africa, its seems Wise does not cover the ZAR.
      Any other way we can get the 49€ ticket without the needed bank account?

    15. Near the start of the article you write the following:

      “The 49 euro Deutschlandticket is valid on any train operated by Deutsche Bahn, including the Intercity Express, Intercity, and Regional Express.”

      This is not true, as you rightly go on to clarify. Perhaps amend this earlier sentence?

    16. Hello,
      My wife and I intend to travel round Germany for a couple of weeks in June 2023. What is the Deutsche Bahn app to use to check the regional trains we can use please? There are several apps coming up when I go to the Google Play store. Thanks for any help! 🙂

      • Hi there! oh yes, completely understand this dilemma s:
        The best would be the app ‘DB Navigator’
        but when you are looking for a route for your trip, just make sure to select the filter option and choose ‘regional trains’
        otherwise, it will show you all the connections i.e the trains the 49€ ticket doesn’t cover

    17. hallo! just curious about one thing, so if i purchase 49 euro ticket for May and I cancel the subscription from June. can i again subscribe from July?

    18. Hello! I can’t buy the ticket using the app ‘DB Navigator’. I don’t now why. In the end it says “process aborted”.
      Could it be problem because my phone number? it’s not a German number, but written correctly with country code

      • Oof! sorry to hear you had that issue, frustratingly enough, due to the huge amount of requests, they announced that the tickets for the month of May can no longer be purchased online after April 30th. So if you need a ticket for May you have to buy it in person at the local customer centers

    19. Hello,

      We are going to visit Germany in July. After we buy the Deutschlandticket ticket how do we book the regional trains? Is there a specific website?

        • Thank you so much!

          When booking the train tickets we are given the following options:
          No BahnCard
          BahnCard 25,2nd class
          BahnCard 25,1st class
          BahnCard 50,2nd class
          BahnCard 50,1st class
          A-VORTEILScard (incl. RAILPLUS)
          CH – General- Abonnement, 2nd class
          CH – General- Abonnement, 1st class
          CH – HalbtaxAbo
          NL – 40% (incl. RAILPLUS)
          NL – 40% ( no RAILPLUS)

          Which one is the right option if we are holders of the Deutschland-Ticket?

    20. Hello, thank you for the post! I didn’t quite understand the bank thing. If I have a bank account in an European country, can I use it to pay for the ticket or do I also need to use the Wise method?

    21. Hello, I was also wondering, does the monthly subscription mean that it’s available from the 1st day of a month to the next, or does it mean it can be used for a whole month after it’s been bought? If for example I buy it so that I can go from mid-June to mid-July, would it count as one or two monthly subscriptions?
      Thank you

    22. I like the idea of the Wise app. When I want to schedule a trip on the train with, how can I do it so that the IC trains don’t appear?

    23. Hello,
      I’ve bought the DL ticket, but now I can’t figure out how to book the actual train ticket for my journey.
      Do I just search out the itinerary and show up?
      Don’t they need a record of how many passengers will be riding?
      Confused. Please help.

      • Hi! Yes, typically for the regional trains you just find your train (make sure its not a IC, EC, or ICE)
        then go there and get your ride. Just be careful because on peak travel hours it can get pretty packed!

    24. Hello, this is so informative. However I wanna know what should I do if I wanna bring my dog with me? Thank you.

      • Dogs are allowed in the cabin free of charge for passengers with valid tickets, but if your dog is a larger dog you’ll need to make sure its leashed and muzzled (for long distance trains, local transportation is usually just leashed or in a bag, carry if dog is small)

    25. is it extra to book a seat on the regional trains ?
      Do you need to book a ticket or can you just get on a long distance train
      If you book a train and miss the connection , do you have to book the next train or can you just get on.
      thank you

      • Yes it does cost extra to book a seat, but if you do not book and miss your train then you can just catch the next. Often if you have booked a seat and miss the train, you can just speak with the staff and if the train is not too busy they usually are quite helpful and allow you to get a spot or use what you’ve booked for the next available option

    26. How can I purchase the Deutschland ticket for my Minor child ( 7yo). The buy for someone else option is not available on the DB app/website.

    27. Hello, may I please know if I can use the 49€ ticket to go to Salzburg, Austria? For example the DB app is showing me these train connections- BRB S4- BRB RE 5, also can i use this ticket to BZB RB 64 (Zugspitzbahn) – Bus Eibse? And do we need reservation for all the trains, trams and buses we are going to use? If so, how do we book those trains? Thank you!

      • Nope! no worries, you just hop on any local public transportation all across Germany. And for long haul trains, as long as they are regional this is fine. Salzburg is a lucky trip to take as often there are regional trains going there you can use with your 49€ ticket. For an explanation of what regional trains are we’ve put a helpful breakdown here:
        but BRB & RE are regional and you can use them with the ticket (:

    28. Hello,
      I bought the 49€ ticket online about 10 days ago. I received a confirmation number, but not the ticket. Apparently I’m supposed to get another email with my online ticket. Does it takes that long to be processed?

      • Ahh we’ve had some issues as well with this, there’s a super huge demand that’s caused the German providers delay, but unfortunately it depends from which app or company you purchased your ticket from and you’d need to follow up directly with them /:

    29. I don’t believe anyone has asked about bringing bicycles on the trains yet. Do you happen to know whether the 49 EUR ticket allows you to bring your bicycle with you, or is it necessary to purchase a separate ticket for your “steel horse”? Thanks!

    30. Hi – I’ve checked but can’t seem to find an answer to this anywhere – what forms of ID can be used for someone coming from the UK? I don’t really want to carry my passport around with me all the time! Thanks very much.

      • None of us on the team are from the UK, but we have heard from travellers that passports are generally the requested form of identification requested these days. Sorry to not have a better answer, but also our sympathies as your fellow passport holders en route

    31. Hello,
      I want to buy the ticket just for July but this ticket is possible to buy only as subscription. If I understand well, I have to buy it latest on 25th June and afterwards ask for cancellation latest on 10th July otherwise the money are automatically deducted from my account. How long is the subscription valid for? Or how long do I have to think about cancelling my ticket for the next month to prevent automatic deduction? Is it possible to buy this ticket without German bank account? Thank you very much

    32. My son, husband and I shall visiting Germany for some days in august. We would come with train from Salzburg. Is it possible to buy the 49 euro ticket and use it from Salzburg to Munchen? Our son is 9 years old, do we have to buy a 49 euro ticket for him also or is he free?

    33. Hi, I’m travelling to Germany on June 27 . Can I buy a ticket from that day and it would work also in July? Or do I have to buy two 49 eur tickets?

      • It is a month period, so if you wanted to use the ticket for July you will have to buy one and specific the start date is July 1st. If you buy one to use in June it will only cover the remaining days for June

    34. Hi, a few questions…
      1.) Does the DeutschlandTicket have time restrictions like the Bayern Ticket, where you can’t travel before 9am?
      2.) You mentioned before that each person has to purchase their own tickets using their own credit cards and accounts, but what about a parent and a 16 year old? Can I purchase both of ours together or do I have to create a separate account for him, and does he have to have his own credit card?
      3.) If I want to be able to travel on October 3, can I purchase the ticket on October 3rd, or do I need to purchase it in September for the month of October?
      Thanks for your help

    35. Hello
      I will visit germany from 18 to 24 june when try to book deutschland ticket from rmvgo ask me about validity period may until end of current month or june then i need it for only one month

        • Thanks for your time with all the wonderful info above. Hence, if i wanted to get ticket for just this month of August, I would need to buy before 10th July on app. Then would need to cancel every month before the 10th. With the app could I print à paper version, too? My phone died on me at the boarding gate last month. ouchhhh

          • For the ticket it is always a month ahead, so that is correct! You have a QR code for your subscription, so as long as you print out a copy of that with your name and details on it, when they come around to check tickets, providing them with that should work

    36. Hi. Thank you for this post it has helped a lot. Do you know if there are any time restrictions for this type of ticket? I know that some money-saving train tickets, such as the Lander Tickets and the Quer-durchs-Land Tickets, can only be used after 9am. Can you use the Deutschlandticket at any time of the day?

    37. I will come to Munich on 10th July and would stay for 10 days only can i buy it once i arrive and if yes how to stop next month subscription after 10th July?

    38. Hi,
      I bought a 49Euro ticket through MVV with my foreign credit card. When I try to book a train ticket at DB, I select “regional only.” I see the options with prices, which I understand should be covered by the D-ticket. But how do I apply this ticket, since DB doesn’t know I have the D-ticket bought through MVV.
      Thank you!


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