Germany’s New Deutschlandticket: All You Need To Know About The 49 Euro Ticket

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If you were a fan of last summer’s 9 euro ticket, then Germany’s new 49 euro train ticket in 2023 is the next best thing! Check out the full breakdown of details for this year’s country wide ticket (Deutschlandticket in German).

Still gliding off the success of the 9 euro ticket (and trying their best to combat the rising energy costs) in 2023, the German government will be introducing the Deutschlandticket or more commonly known, the 49 euro ticket.

This new ticket will be available for purchase online, offering both locals and visitors a fantastic cost effective option for enjoying trips around Germany.

..and the best part, it won’t just last for a season but instead will settle in for a couple years!

What Is The 49 Euro Train Ticket In Germany?

Deutschlandticket 49 euro Train Ticket

The Deutschlandticket is set for release starting in May 2023 and will be available for purchase until 31st December of the same year.

It can be used for unlimited travel within the country, on any regional train, any day of the week, including holidays.

Unlike its predecessor, the 9 euro ticket, the 49 euro ticket will be available for purchase digitally in the form of monthly subscription model.

However, before you worry about getting locked into any annual commitments, the ticket can be cancelled on a monthly basis, so as long as set yourself a reminder to!

Due to the nature of this digital subscription model, most likely there will not be any options to purchase the ticket outside of app, but we have yet to hear a solid confirmation on that

Who Is Eligible For The 49 Euro Ticket?

The 49 euro ticket will be available to anyone travelling within Germany. All travellers must have an account with the corresponding German railway apps i.e Deutsche Bahn, MVG, BVG etc… and a valid bank account tied for the monthly cost debit to be eligible for the ticket.

The 49 euro Deutschlandticket is non-transferable and can be purchased through the Munich transportation app or the app/online through Deutsche Bahn.

Along with the non-transferable detail of the Deutschlandticket , its important to know it also does not include taking other people with you, dogs or bikes.

Where Can The 49 Euro Ticket Be Used?

The 49 euro Deutschlandticket is valid on any train operated by Deutsche Bahn, including the Intercity Express, Intercity, and Regional Express.

Basically, you can purchase this ticket to replace your usual (and increasingly expensive, we are personally very excited for this) monthly Munich Isarcard of which you can use to travel through Germany and cover your local transport needs in which other Germany city you explore.

But do make sure to keep in mind the fine print! These are the transportation methods not covered by the 49 euro ticket;

  • Long distance trains; ICs, ICEs and ECs
  • 1st class or special booking train sections
  • Flixtrain or Flix busses

When Will The 49 Euro Ticket Be Available?

The 49 euro train ticket will be valid for use on any regional train in Germany from May 1st* to December 31st, 2023.

*sale of tickets is expected to begin shortly before the start date sometime this spring.

Initially, the Deutschland ticket will be available for the next two years, after which it will be up for discussion on whether an extension will be held or not.

Additional Details About The 49 Euro Ticket

As mentioned, the latest updates have said the 49 euro ticket is expected to arrive in May 2023.

Interested in getting ordering your Deutschlandticket? Here are some helpful links to the websites where you can sign up for it!;

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