Essential How To Hack To Buy The 49 Euro Ticket Without A German Bank Account

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Germany’s new flat rate train ticket is now on sale and we are excited to buy the 49 euro ticket! If you don’t have a German bank account, purchasing it is difficult…but we have a great hack on how to buy the 49 Euro ticket.

We previous wrote a post about the general 49 euro ticket details, but now that the sales have begun, we are getting down to the top details to help everyone prepare to make the most out of this great summer travel deal in Germany!

Where To Buy The 49 Euro Ticket

Interested in getting the 49 euro ticket for your travels in Germany but not sure where to begin? Luckily, finding out where to buy your 49 euro ticket isn’t so difficult as it’s only per app on a monthly subscription basis.

…if you need more details on how that works, we’ve got it outlined in our previous 49 euro ticket post.

Essential How To Hack To Buy The 49 Euro Ticket Without A German Bank Account
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If you are searching for where, here are some helpful links to the websites / apps where you can sign up and buy your 49 euro ticket:

How To Buy The 49 Euro Ticket

To purchase the 49 euro ticket you will need to apply for the monthly subscription model through one of the above-mentioned transportation apps. However, the only option to pay is through a direct bank account debit with a โ€“sighโ€“ an IBAN number (German bank account).

Buy The 49 Euro Ticket IBAN
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If you are not familiar with what an IBAN is, or for that matter, who has one, it is actually not as complicated as it sounds! In addition to Germany, the majority of Europe, the Middle East, North Africa, and the Caribbean all use this system of bank account numbers.

These countries use IBAN as their bank account number formats whereas in the Unites States, Canada, Australia and New Zealand use a SWIFT number system for their bank account number format…but don’t worry, in depth comprehension of the global bank account number formatting system is not necessary for buying your 49 euro ticket this summer ?

How To Buy The 49 Euro Ticket Without A German Bank Account

Essential How To Hack To Buy The 49 Euro Ticket Without A German Bank Account
Photo from Wise

The question of how to buy a 49 euro ticket without a German bank account is one of the biggest questions-and there is unfortunately no clear answer from German service providers- we have researched how to solve it for you!

And this is with our team’s favourite (frequently used) money managing service Wise. You can create a free account and use Wise for sending money, receiving money, or holding balances in multiple currencies!

What Is A Wise Account?

The Wise app allows you to hold money in over 50 currencies, and convert between them whenever you need. Signing up is free, there is no monthly fee and you do not need to share your bank details in order to receive money.

Wise provides you with the capability to transfer money from your account to a bank account outside of Wise whenever you want (without transfer fees if the money is in the same currency!)

Buy The 49 Euro Ticket Wise Account
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It is very similar to the concept of how paying with Paypal works, but instead of a username or email address to send or receive you can create have an account number created for the currency you need. Like an IBAN to use to pay for your 49 euro ticket in Germany!

How To Buy The 49 Euro Ticket With A Wise Account

If you do not have an IBAN number or German bank account to buy your 49 euro ticket. With your Wise account, you can create an IBAN to use when purchasing the ticket. Then the 49 euro ticket cost subscription will be deducted from your Wise account using those account details.

Looking For More Information About How To Buy The 49 Euro Ticket?

Feel free to ask below and weโ€™ll try to get an answer back to you! And be sure to check out our Instagram & TikTok for more content coming up!

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    36 thoughts on “Essential How To Hack To Buy The 49 Euro Ticket Without A German Bank Account”

    1. I am in the US, and don’t have a German bank account. I do have friends and relatives who do have German accounts. Would they be allowed to purchase a 49 Euro ticket in my name? My traveling companion would also need one. (We would, of course, reimburse them for the costs.)

    2. You can buy the Germany ticket on the Rheinbahn app with a credit card so no need to mess around with a WISE account.

    3. I will be in Germany in two weeks and only there for 10 days. I would like to buy a D-ticket via Rheinbahn app but I have a few questions.
      1/ will the $49 prorate for the time for the starting period that I selected?
      2/ If I wish to cancel the month of June subscription , can I do so on May 31? I am confused about the dateline for cancellation. Please help.

    4. Can you reserve a seat with the Deutschlandcard pass? I’m looking at the schedule on DB app & there’s a comment that demand is high & booking a seat is highly suggested.

    5. Thanks for the info. I have managed to buy a Deutschlandticket and have a QR code. When I want to catch a train do I have to get any other ticket at the station for each trip, or do I just turn up, get on the train, and show my QR code if asked? Or if there are barriers, do I just use my QR code there to get through?

    6. Is there a way to buy a ticket for my kids on the app? My kids don’t have bank accounts, credit cards or phones, age 7 and 10

    7. Thanks so much for the tip about the Rheinbahn app. I have a WISE account but couldn’t get the IBAN accepted because Belgian IBANs have 16 digits (not 22, like German IBANs). But the Rheinbahn app worked great.

    8. Thanks a lot for the info. I bought the tkt via WISE last night. I got the confirmation email and linked the ticket in the app and it seems good to go. The payment however shows pending in WISE. Any idea if the ticket is active since it shows my name, barcode etc? Thank you

        • Hi, I bought the ticket via WISE and i subscribed for 2 months. However I noticed that my balance in WISE didn’t get deducted. I received the ticket and have been able to use it in May and June. Just wondering if you are facing the same, and if there will be any impact on my account in the future.

      • Good question! We cannot for sure say if that would work or not, but its worth a try! The main importance, we’ve been told, is that your partner has their own separate account-so perhaps it works to create them an account and add your payment details. Hope it works!

    9. hello i want to buy a child which don’t have a bank account but i cant change the back account holder can some one tell me what should i do? should i ignore it and write my account number?


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