Munich Events Weekend 14, April 6, 2023 – April 9, 2023

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Hello beautiful bored people of Munich, and welcome to Munich Events Weekend 14!  Looking for some events this long Easter weekend? We’ve got you covered!

With food drink and dance options available, as well as songs to sing and markets to  visit, Munich has a little something for everyone this week! 

Free Events, Activities and Festivals This Weekend in Munich

This weekend is filled up with so many free events and great selections of activities! Have a look below to find your weekend plans in Munich.

? Looking for some more Easter events in Munich? We have a full list of them in our post here!

Free Entry at Lenbachhaus

Munich Events Weekend 14, April 6, 2023 – April 9, 2023
Photo from Lenbachhaus

Every first Thursday of the month provides free admission to the  Lenbachhaus!

The exhibits will include art talks (art radio and play for the  younger ones), and audio guides for those who want some accompaniment  while they explore the space.

Admission includes access to the underground  exhibition space (Kunstbau) and, as always, total freedom to roam the  beautiful garden designed by Max Kolb behind the villa.

Where: Lenbachhaus // Luisenstraße 33

When: April 6, 2023 // 6 p.m – 10 p.m

Cost: Free Admission

Keg Bar Heidenspaß Party

Munich Events Weekend 14, April 6, 2023 – April 9, 2023
Photo from The Keg Bar

Tanzverbot? No way! The Keg Bar will be open for an exciting two-day Easter celebration event!

Although Bavaria usually enforces the Tanzverbot (no dancing aka party restriction) on the Thursday before Good Friday, a handful of local businesses have a special permit to host events and The Keg Bar is one of them!

This two-day event will feature Karaoke on Thursday evening and live music and trivia on Friday! Email confirmation is recommended for this event and you can reserve your spot here.

When: The Keg Bar // Trautenwolfstr. 1

Where: April 6, 2023 // 9 p.m – 2:00 am

When: April 7, 2023 // Starting at 8 p.m

Cost: Free Admission

Sad Song Sing Along Weekend

Munich Events Weekend 14, April 6, 2023 – April 9, 2023
Photo from Yokocho

Sad song singers unite! This three-day event hosted at Yokocho karaoke bar is perfect for those who love singing sad songs but don’t want everyone else at the bar to get sad with you.

Individual Karaoke boxes are still available for those who want to go and celebrate with their selected groups, but for the main event, sad songs (and singers) only at the bar.

When: Yokocho // Atelierstrasse 14

Where: April 6, 2023 // 9 p.m – April 8

Cost: Free Admission

Exit x Rituals Festival

For those 21 and older, come on down on April 8 for the Argy (Afterlife/ Upperground) Festival.

Presented by EXIT and RITUALS, the event will  feature Human Rias, Mlinar, SMT#nG, Valour, and more! You can catch it all  at MH5 – but make sure you get your tickets here, phase 1 and 2 have  already sold out!

When: April 8, 2023 // 10 p.m

Where: MH5 // Atelierstraße 10

Cost: €27.50

Kuriose Osternaturale Open Air And Night

Looking to find a Sunday funday plan that will take you all the way to Monday? How about a visit to Bahnwärter Thiel?

Join in their Curious Easter open air, with dancing, music and an great Easter fire centered around your circle of great (and even new) friends.

They have a big line up of acts and more details about ticket prices and purchasing on their website here!

When: April 9, 2023 // starting at 2 p.m

Where: Bahnwärter Thiel // Tumblingerstraße 29

Cost: 10€ – 15€ // See all the details & buy here

Looking For Other Deals or Cool Things to Do in Munich?

We always make sure to keep our event calendar up to date with the latest and greatest upcoming activities. Check it out here if you are interested in more than the few above mentioned events!

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