5 FAQ’s About The 49 Euro Ticket You May Desperately Need For Germany’s New Deutschlandticket

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The infamous 49 Euro Ticket has arrived! So we’ve thrown together this little FAQ list to help all you desperately in need of additional details on Germany’s new Deutschlandticket.

The golden ticket to any German city for just 49 Euro – it’s available now and with it some very understandable questions were popping up. Therefore, we went and got together some answers for some of the most frequently asked ones.

49 Euro Ticket FAQS
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What Are The Differences Between Types Of Trains In Germany?

The 49 euro ticket is valid on local and regional transport throughout Germany. These include city buses, subways, streetcars, and regional trains (2nd class). You cannot use the ticket on trains operated by DB (such as the IC, EC, and ICE), long-distance buses, and providers like FlixTrain.

Not sure what these trains are exactly? Not to worry, here’s a brief breakdown to help!:

  • ICE trains (standing for “Inter City Express” ) in Germany are known for their speed (upwards of 300 km/180 mph), efficiency, and comfort on long distances.
  • IC trains (which stand for “inner city”) usually travel along the same lines as ICE trains but may stop in a few more towns in between.
  • EC trains stand for “Euro City.” These are similar to DB IC trains, where they run long distances, but may cross borders. Like Munich to Salzburg, for example.
  • RE (Regional Express) trains are local train that travels to smaller towns and villages // There are also RB trains (“Regional Bahn.”), which are like the RE, but go a bit slower

Will Students Get A Discount On The 49 Euro Ticket?

That’s right! It won’t be available right away, but students will be able to purchase the ticket for just 29€ instead of 49€ at the beginning of the winter semester 2023.

Winter semester begins on October 9th, and anyone with a certificate of study from a German university will be able to take advantage of the price drop. It can be obtained at every public transportation office in Germany and online through the DBNavigator App.

When Is The Month Time Period For The 49 Euro Ticket?

You will automatically be charged for renewing your 49 euro ticket on the first of each month. If you would like to cancel it during your usage period, make sure you do so by the 10th of every month. If not, it will renew itself for another month.

How Do I cancel My 49 Euro Ticket Subscription?

If you want to cancel your 49 euro ticket, you can do so at any time. For a cancellation to be effective for the following month, you must cancel by the 10th of the previous month.

To cancel your subscription, all you need to do is visit the Deutsche Bahn online portal (or MVG, etc.. depending on which platform you purchased your ticket through). Over here, you’re able to manage the subscriptions you have with the Deutsche Bahn.

Do Children Need A 49 Euro Ticket For Travelling?

Yes, unfortunately. At least in the case of children over the age of five. Under German public transportation, kids under 6 are not required to pay anything.

As soon as you reach the age of 6, you’ll need a separate 49-Euro ticket or a kid’s ticket to travel legally on the Metro and the S-Bahn.

Can I Bring A Dog With Me With The 49 Euro Ticket?

Dogs are allowed in the cabin free of charge for passengers with valid tickets. For every additional dog, an additional ticket must be purchased at the children’s fare.

In general, dogs travelling in baskets and bags are free of charge. In regional trains, dogs – unless they’re in suitable containers – are transported only if chained and muzzled.

Can I Bring A Bike With Me With The 49 Euro Ticket?

For most bicycles, a bicycle ticket must be purchased. The ticket is valid for one complete day of travel up to 6 a.m. the next morning (Bicycle Day Ticket Bavaria: 3 a.m.)

You can choose from a Bicycle Day Ticket Bavaria which includes all authorized regional trains throughout Bavaria, or an MVV Area ticket (zone M-6).

Looking For More Information About The 49 Euro Ticket?

Feel free to ask below and we’ll try to get an answer back to you! And be sure to check out our Instagram & TikTok for more content coming up!

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    44 thoughts on “5 FAQ’s About The 49 Euro Ticket You May Desperately Need For Germany’s New Deutschlandticket”

    1. Hi
      I purchased 4 tickets for May 2023 and purchased it through the MVG app. I purchased it on the 20th May. Can I cancel this at the end of May so I don’t get charged another subscription for June?
      Also we are travelling from Innsbruck to Mittenwald, can I use the deutschland ticket for this journey?

    2. I am visiting Germany on 11th June and will not need the ticket in July. When do I buy and cancel the ticket? There is a lot of confusion. Some say 10th while others 20th.

    3. Hello!
      Regarding cancelling the ticket.
      I will be traveling in Germany in the last two weeks of July (16-26 July)
      Do I buy the ticket buy the ticket after 1st July and then cancel it before the 10th August?

    4. Hello,
      I’ll be travelling in Germany in the last two weeks in July.
      Should I buy the ticket at the start of July and cancel before the end of July?

    5. To travel from Weil Am Rhein (in Germany) to Strasbourg DB recommends travelling to Basel and catch a TER train to Strasbourg. Is that allowed in the 49€ ticket, how can we find the areas valid under the 49€ ticket?

    6. This might sound silly but once I get the D-Ticket, does that mean I can get on and off any DB train and if stopped, just show them the d-ticket?

      • not silly at all! The ticket, barriers concept can differ from country to country so we get it (:
        but yes, thats exactly how it gos! theyll ask and its as simple as that.
        But just make sure you are on regional trains, this is the important part!

    7. Can a 16 year old and a 11 year old boys use/buy 49 Deutschland ticket?
      I (their mother)will buy the ticket, of course.

    8. Can you purchase the €49 ticket using a credit card in any of the apps? I tried in the MVG app and it said I needed an international back account. I could not find the €49 in the DB app.

    9. My 49 euro Germany ticket was not renewed because I didn’t have enough money on the card and it was cancelled. I wonder if it will automatically renew when I deposit money or do I have to buy it again? (I subscribed it for august and canceled subscription in 02.09)

    10. Can I travel from Düsseldorf to Cologne, and from Cologne to Frankfurt with the 49 euro ticket? In Google Maps, it is written that I need to take the ICE625. Is that included? And if not, what type of ticket is recommended to use? Thank you:)

    11. Hi, thanks for the explanation, but got another question, can I pause it ? I am going away for a few months, so I am not using it, or can I cancel it and the subscribe again ? Thanks

      • Nope!
        It shows the status of it on your phone in the app, and if the controlles come around and ask you just show it to them
        but we dont have any barriers for the trains here and you aren’t controlled everytime


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