It’s Official: Bars & Pubs in Bavaria Can Re-Open Soon! But What About Clubs?

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It’s the news many have been waiting for. After a lengthy months-long closure, clubs and bars in Bavaria may re-open from September 19 onwards, even without serving food!

The news was made official by Bavarian Minister-President Markus Söder, who announced the update at a press conference yesterday.

While many pubs and bars have been open around the city for a while now, they have only been able to do so while serving food.

From Sept 19 onwards, this will no longer be required.

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Bars and Pubs Re-Opening in Munich & Bavaria: The Rules

The re-opening of bars and pubs across Bavaria will of course come with strict rules.

All the current rules that apply to the gastronomy industry (i.e. at restaurants and beer gardens) will also apply to bars and pubs.

These rules include:

  • A ban on dancing
  • A requirement to wear masks in all areas apart from one’s seat/place
  • Mandatory table service in geschlossenen Räumen (meaning in closed spaces/rooms, meaning customers will have to sit)
  • Music being only allowed in geschlossenen Räumen (again, meaning closed spaces/rooms)
  • A requirement for each person to register individually (to enable contact tracing)
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What about clubs?

A re-opening date for clubs is not yet known, as the risk of infection at these establishments is still deemed too high.

A Possible Alcohol Ban?

It’s important to note that things change quickly, and the state government has been quick to warn that an alcohol ban from 11pm onwards could be possible should cases increase.

Specifically, they have mentioned that a ban is possible with a “7 day incidence from 50 onwards”, meaning if the number of newly reported cases in a week (per 100,000 residents) exceeds 50.

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Bars & Pubs in Munich

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