KAMI Modern Asian Dining: A Cozy Paradise in East Munich!

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Hey Munich Foodies and happy to Foodie Friday! Today we explore a small treasure hidden in east Munich. Kami is an Asian fusion restaurant that I have been wanting to try for months. They popped up on Instagram just as the COVID situation hit Munich and unfortunately, I was unable to visit. But now they are back and better than ever! Sit back and read this week’s choice for your next tasty date night.

KAMI is a great place for different occasions. It’s in a business area so if you work by Leuchtenbergring, it’s ideal for post-work drinks and dinner. With its cozy corners and candlelight mood, it’s also a nice date night spot. And last but not least, this place is also bumping on weekends, with great music, strong drinks and a lively atmosphere!

In all its versatility, KAMI is not only an affordable spot, but one that still offers great quality. Read on for my full review!

KAMI Modern Asian Dining: A Cozy Paradise in East Munich!

First Impressions – KAMI Restaurant

At KAMI, you’ll find Asian food with some Bavarian flair.

Here, they have managed to turn a rustic Bavarian lounge into a tropical paradise, pairing the cozy Bavarian setting with tropical plants and Asian artwork. Not to mention serving up amazing food and killer cocktails!

KAMI Modern Asian Dining: A Cozy Paradise in East Munich!

What We Ate – Starters

Our first starters were the Summer Rolls, your typical rolls with shrimp, rice noodles, chicken, lettuce, herbs and hoisin sauce to dip.

I love Summer Rolls. They are so fresh and crispy and I love them even better when you take a bite and they don’t immediately fall apart in your hand. At KAMI, we had these perfectly handmade summers rolls that held together flawlessly after every juicy bite:

KAMI Modern Asian Dining: A Cozy Paradise in East Munich!
Summer Rolls -KAMI Restaurant

The next thing we tried was the La Lot Beef which is beef wrapped in wild betel leaves, grilled and served with nouc mam sauce. This was recommended to us by the owner, and I probably wouldn’t have ordered it otherwise, but wow – these little suckers packed a huge punch of taste and flavor, especially the dipping sauce!

They were served over noodles and topped with nuts, adding an extra element of crunch, creating a dish that was crispy and chewy and all-around delicious. I could have ordered ten more off the menu!

This is why one thing I love about going to new places is asking the staff, especially the owner, what their favorite meal is on the menu and I am hardly ever disappointed.

KAMI Modern Asian Dining: A Cozy Paradise in East Munich!
La Lot Beef – KAMI Restaurant

We also had one last starter because as you could tell from one of my past blogs, I LOVE DUMPLINGS! So, we ordered steamed dumplings with shrimp and hoisin sauce.

UGH, I could literally eat these for days… You get three different types with a dipping sauce, and I would highly recommend ordering them. Just be warned: this is a dish you won’t want to share.

KAMI Modern Asian Dining: A Cozy Paradise in East Munich!
Dumplings – KAMI Restaurant

Main Course

Now, let’s talk about the main course. Bun Met is a Vietnamese dish served with an assortment of meat, herbs, spring rolls, noodles and Nouc Mam Sauce, a platter of sorts that you share. This means it’s for two people and quite enough to leave you full.

We had four different types of protein with our Bun Met: chicken, beef, pork and tofu, and wow… this dish was soooo good, y’all!

The tofu was spongy and juicy, the pork was perfectly seasoned with Thai basil (which, if you haven’t tried, has a really special taste different from regular basil) and while I didn’t really think we would be able to finish all of it, we did!

I would definitely recommend this dish to share on a date. It’s a great conversation starter to talk about the different flavors and which one was your favorite. There were also so many combinations (all on point!) that you could put in your bowl. I still dream about that Thai basil to this day.

KAMI Modern Asian Dining: A Cozy Paradise in East Munich!
Bun Met – KAMI Restaurant


Last but not least, dessert. Yes of course we had dessert. How could we not?

Our waistlines were already bursting, but mama didn’t raise a quitter.

The first dessert I want to talk about is the Sticky Taro. This was an incredible dish with a lot of elements to it: sweet, homemade sticky rice fried with coconut milk and taro filling inside, served on banana leaves with two scoops of vanilla ice cream, peanuts, coconut sauce and dried grated coconut. I literally licked my plate clean and was genuinely sad when I finished it. It had everything you could want in a dessert: sweet, crunchy, cold, warm, the “you’ve eaten too much guilt”. Of course all in a good way ;).

KAMI Modern Asian Dining: A Cozy Paradise in East Munich!
Sticky Taro – KAMI Restaurant

The second dessert was the Sua Chua Chanh Leo which is homemade Vietnamese yogurt with maracuja sauce. This dessert was super refreshing. It was cool and tangy, and most importantly didn’t come with that post-dessert guilt that I mentioned above. Instead, it was just the right amount of dessert to feel like you’ve completed your meal.

KAMI Modern Asian Dining: A Cozy Paradise in East Munich!
Sua Chua Chanh Leo


KAMI has a real flair for drinks that are not only tasty, but strong too and beautiful presented.

We tried two cocktails while we were there and they were just enough for us to get a nice vibe going.

If you’re looking for a buzz, you need to try one of their cocktails with an upside-down beer inside. Although that might sound like a crazy idea, you’ll be singing a new tune by the end of the night. To find out the names of these two drinks you’ll just have to visit KAMI for yourself!

KAMI Modern Asian Dining: A Cozy Paradise in East Munich!

Overall Impressions of KAMI Modern Asian Dining

I would say overall, we really liked this place and do plan on going back. They have a huge selection of Asian fusion dishes that I already can’t wait to try. And I really want to check this place out on the weekend to see what all the hype is about. Who knows, it may be your next go place for cocktails!

To find out more about the restaurant and to make a reservation check out their website! If you end up going please let them know that Bored In Munich sent you! This helps us continue to build strong relationships with restaurants around Munich.

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