The 10 Best Apps to Have in Munich

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Trying to navigate your life in Munich? There’s an app for that!

From finding your way in the German language to finding your way on the German metro, the following Munich apps are a must-have for your time in this beautiful city, whether you’re living here or just visiting.

Apps for Finding Your Way in Munich

The 10 Best Apps to Have in Munich


This is the official city of Munich’s mobile app that offers information on events, shopping, hospitals, pharmacies, recommendations, i.e. practically everything.

The 10 Best Apps to Have in Munich

AWM Mรผnchen

For those coming from places where the separating of recyclables isn’t so distinct, this app offers information on when the trash will be picked up and where to bring (and separate) your recyclables.

German Healthcare Apps

The 10 Best Apps to Have in Munich

Corona Warn-App

The Corona Warn-App helps to alert you if you have come into contact with an infected person and whether there is a risk of infection. And along with tracking exposure, it also serves as a digital wallet for your vaccination documents.

The Best Apps for Learning German / Getting Translations

The 10 Best Apps to Have in Munich

DeepL Translator

Learning German honestly takes ages. However, we have found this app to be the new love of our German lives. This bad boy is great for finding all your vocabulary needs with much more accuracy than other apps like Google Translate. It also has a feature that allows you to choose if the format should be formal or informal, which can be super helpful.

Munich Travel and Transport Apps

The 10 Best Apps to Have in Munich


With this Munich transport app, you can easily find connections, timetables and purchase tickets directly. One nice feature is that it will show you routes which have delays (such as a line being down) and offer you alternative routes, or routes that would save time.

The 10 Best Apps to Have in Munich


E-scooters have taken over Munich, and we find them to be great alternatives for getting around the city as opposed to a crowded U-Bahn. Here is our guide on E-Scooter apps in the city.

Banking in Munich Apps

The 10 Best Apps to Have in Munich


This is one of the best banking apps in Germany we’ve come to experience. N26 is incredibly helpful, can be fully in English (with full English support) and super simple to set up.

Food & Food Delivery Apps in Munich

The 10 Best Apps to Have in Munich


If you’re in need of a quick grocery delivery, no app in Munich beats Gorillas, which can get you your groceries in 10 minutes! The prices are reasonable, the drivers are quick, and it’s the perfect app for last-minute ingredients. Want to save 10 euros on your first order? Download the app here and use the code CG468917.

The 10 Best Apps to Have in Munich

To Good to Go

This is not your standard delivery app, but a great app for food. This local startup has found a way to combine great savings with an eco-friendly twist. Their goal is to help limit food waste by offering business with a surplus of food a way to avoid throwing away excess by offering it at highly discounted prices.

The 10 Best Apps to Have in Munich


Lieferando is essentially the main delivery app in Germany. The past years it has succeeded in buying out much of its competition (RIP Deliveroo, you will be missed), setting its position as the head honcho. If you are looking for standard pizza, pasta, burger takeout, Lieferando’s got you covered.

Any other apps you cannot live without here in Munich?

Let us know in the comments below!

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