6 Online Grocery Delivery Services in Munich to Help You Shop From Home

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With coronavirus fears escalating each day, minimizing social contact has been increasingly recommended for everyone in the city…

Now, this might sound like an introvert’s dream, but before you dive headfirst into all the Netflix and video games your body can handle, one thing to get sorted first is FOOD. 

But don’t worry – if you find yourself at home unable to get groceries, there are several great services in the city that you can take advantage of. So, here’s a roundup of grocery delivery services in Munich that can help if you’re not able to leave the house.

NOTE: Things are changing by the hour, but we’ve checked each service to see their delivery times and we’ve presented them below in order of availability/open delivery slots. Do let us know in the comments if you know of any others!


Click here to download (Use code CG468917 to save 5 euros on your 1st purchase)

The service from Gorillas is so quick, it’s honestly a bit scary.

We recently tested this new grocery delivery app for the first time and they were on their way literally 2 minutes after we placed our order. We had the groceries on our doorstep in about 10 minutes.

While the selection is much smaller than a regular supermarket or some of the other grocery delivery services in Munich, the prices are really fair.

We even noticed some products like pesto for example that were much cheaper than competitors.

Flat rate delivery is only 1.80 and overall, we think Gorillas is a great choice if you need to top up some supplies in between your huge weekly bulk shop.

5 EURO DISCOUNT CODE! Our purchase from Gorillas was paid out of pocket and not sponsored, but we do have a referral code you can use to save 5 euros on your first purchase: CG468917

6 Online Grocery Delivery Services in Munich to Help You Shop From Home

Amazon Fresh

Click here to shop

One very reliable online grocery delivery we’ve used in Munich is Amazon Fresh, which has an extensive stock of fresh vegetables, fruits, meat and more. While many pantry products like canned goods and pasta are selling out quickly, there is still a reasonable selection to choose from.

Usually you’re able to book a same-day delivery but due to demand, this isn’t currently possible. Looking on a Friday afternoon, we still see plenty of slots open for Monday so that’s your best bet for a quick delivery.

The good thing if you’re new to Amazon Fresh if you can try it for free for 30 days, which means free deliveries over the next month. Click here to redeem your free trial.

NOTE: Even without Amazon Fresh, you’re able to get an extensive amount of instant noodles, pasta packets, etc. on just Amazon Prime that can be delivered for the same/next day. Click here to see the selection.


Click here to shop

NOTE: As of October 2020, GetNow has apparently gone bankrupt and the site features a permanent “Maintenance Mode”. We’re not sure when (or if) they will return, but we will leave the info below for your reference.

GetNow is another online grocery delivery service in Munich that partners with METRO, which means pretty reasonable prices, a large bulk/frozen selection, and a huge selection.

Due to a surge in demand, short term delivery slots at the moment are well booked out, but you can still get a fresh grocery delivery in about a week’s time (we just placed our first order and it will arrive next Wednesday).

There are a few perks of this service – there’s no minimum order and the delivery fees are really reasonable (ranging from about 2 – 6 euros). First time customers also get 20% off!

NOTE: They are really good about updating their customers re: how coronavirus is impacting their service and delivery times. Click here to learn more.


Click here to shop

For Asian groceries like rice, noodles, spices, etc, there’s AsiaFoodLand. While we usually prefer the much more affordable FreshAsia for Asian groceries, FreshAsia has halted new orders while AsiaFoodLand still seems to be accepting them.

The selection here is amazing for Asian pantry items and ready-to-eat goods like instant curries, noodles, etc. There is a very limited fresh/frozen selection though, so your main haul here would be for emergency instant meals… but there’s a lot of choice!

Plus, delivery is free if you order over 60 euros worth of stuff.

6 Online Grocery Delivery Services in Munich to Help You Shop From Home
An Asian grocery haul once upon a time!


Click here to shop

Another Munich-based Indian grocery delivery is SpiceMaster. At the moment, they’ve got a limited fresh vegetable selection but otherwise are well stocked with various spices and items like rice, noodles, etc.

We’re not sure of their delivery capacity right now because we tried to make an account but never received a confirmation email (their site is a little outdated and weird) but just wanted to let you know it was an option.

REWE OnlineShop

Click here to browse

One of the most popular and well-known Munich grocery delivery services is the REWE OnlineShop.

Their service is really self-explanatory, and if you’ve ever been to a REWE before, you’ll know exactly what the product selection is like.

You basically enter all the items you want into your virtual shopping cart, and REWE will deliver it…. First deliveries are free!

Unfortunately, it seems their popularity is their downfall. We see no open slots up until March 25.

NOTE: You might want to avoid them anyway if you’re simply ordering a small amount, because they have a 50 euro minimum order policy.

6 Online Grocery Delivery Services in Munich to Help You Shop From Home

6. HelloFresh

Lastly, if you want groceries delivered along with recipes and a meal plan figured out, HelloFresh might be the option for you.

They’re a popular meal box program that sends you a box full of the exact groceries you need for special recipes they develop.

We’ve tried them before and the food is tasty but usually provide just enough for the one meal (i.e. no leftovers) which for us isn’t super practical.

If this option interests you though, they seem to be running a promo where you save 45 euros off you first order. Click here to check it out.

7. Tante Ohm Super Kiosk

Located on Ohmstrasse 12, Tante Ohm is a great little kiosk that sells flowers, fresh fruits/vegetables and a variety of other food products.

They are currently offering delivery for orders over 15 euros within 1km of their store. Orders can be placed by phone at 0174/3447744. More info here on their Instagram.

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