17 Signs You’ve Been Living in Germany Too Long

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All of us who have lived in Germany for some time can see how much it has changed us (for better or for worse) from who we were when we first arrived.

From newfound appreciation for sparkling water to obsessive recycling behaviors, there’s plenty of habits we’ve exchanged for German ones over the years… and Schorle-ly, we’re not alone.

Wondering if you’ve been living in Germany too long? Here are our top signs you’ve been Germanized.

1. You are confused when a stranger asks “how are you?”

Like, who is this person? Why are they asking? We are not yet on familiar acquaintance terms….

Photo via RobinHiggins on Pixabay

2. Sprüdelwasser is life

And yes, you do have a preference on brand and sprüdel strength.

3. You’re becoming fluent in Denglisch

So good, it’s practically your mother tongue.

4. You’ve began writing the number “1” the German way

… Which used to confuse you as it looked more like a “7”, but now you understand it simply can’t be done any other way.

Photo by Ana Tavares on Unsplash

5. You’ve mastered all the ways to use bitte in everyday interactions

It is not simply please but also pardon, here you are, not at all, you’re welcome, and go ahead.

6. Simultaneously, you’ve also achieved the ability to hold full conversations merely with the word doch

Let’s call it in-doch-trination.

7. You no longer need an extended period of time to go through your extensive variety of euro coins

Bonus points if you plan your purchases based on the change your laundry machine requires…

Photo by Immo Wegmann on Unsplash

8. You have dreams in German and sometimes recall memories of people back home speaking in German

Yes, it can be kind of Traum-atic.

Photo by S L on Unsplash

9. Sometimes you forget Wörter in English and begin to question who you are anymore

Who am I? Wort am I? Wer am I?

Photo via suju-foto on Pixabay

10. In wintertime, you have a special relationship with Hausschuhe

Honestly, this habit should make you a Schuh-in for permanent residency in Germany.

Photo via Couleur on Pixabay

11. Next to that you now understand the full range of seasons: Summer, Fall, Winter, Spring and Spargelzeit

Ain’t no party like a Spargel party.

12. You get withdrawals from going too long without eating bread

And you now get super judgy about other countries’ “bread”.

Photo via jhenning_beauty_of_nature on Pixabay

13. You drink only juice in Schorle form

Goodness forbid you dare drink straight up saft.

14. You can sort through plastic, paper, compost, and Restmüll in your sleep

And you’ve mastered the art of recycling everything… including all the different colors of glass.

15. You make plans with friends at least a week ahead

… and are shocked and slightly taken aback when someone asks to spontaneously meet for dinner or hang out.

Photo by STIL on Unsplash

16. Sundays are for doing nothing

… and you wouldn’t want to spend them any other way.

17. Brot is life and Brezn is love

Live, laugh, brot.

Have we missed any German habits you’ve adopted?

Let us know in the comments!

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