Winter Tollwood 2020 Officially Cancelled

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It’s official – one of Munich’s most beloved winter events has confirmed its cancellation for 2020: Winter Tollwood.

Originally slated to take place from November 25 to December 23 with a revised layout and hygiene concept in light of 2020 conditions, Winter Tollwood is usually one of the most popular Christmas market events in Munich.

Unfortunately, organizers have now confirmed that the 2020 edition will not be taking place.

Winter Tollwood 2020 Officially Cancelled

In regards to the cancellation, Winter Tollwood festival director Rita Rottenwaller said (translated to English):

“The development of corona numbers in the last two weeks is so extreme that, despite our very good hygiene concept, we can no longer take responsibility for the health of our visitors and everyone else involved”.

Winter Tollwood 2020 Officially Cancelled

Will there still be anything at Theresienwiese?

While Tollwood festivities may be cancelled for the year, according to the official announcement via, a 12m high art installation is planned for Theresienwiese this winter.

Fittingly, the installation will depict a phoenix sculpture, a symbol of strength and renewal to signify hope for the future.

Winter Tollwood 2020 Officially Cancelled

Can I still support Tollwood vendors?

If you want to still browse Tollwood’s usual offerings virtually, organizers have established a special platform that you can view with exhibitors and their products online.

Click here to check it out.

Winter Tollwood 2020 Officially Cancelled

Other Christmas Markets in Munich

Winter Tollwood’s cancellation makes it one of the few Munich Christmas markets (in addition to the one at Munich airport) to confirm their 2020 cancellation.

Winter Tollwood 2020 Officially Cancelled
Munich Airport Christmas Market

While the Mรผnchner Christkindlmarkt is still set to take place, we will keep you updated on here with more details about further cancellations/openings as they are announced.

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Winter Tollwood 2020 Officially Cancelled
Munich Christkindlmarkt

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Winter Tollwood 2020 Officially Cancelled

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