Free Coronavirus Tests Planned for Bavaria’s Airports

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In an interview with German broadcaster ZDF yesterday, Bavarian Minister-President Markus Söder announced plans to make coronavirus testing available free of charge at airports across Bavaria.

This would mean the establishment of voluntary COVID test centers at airports across the state, allowing vacation returnees to obtain a free voluntary test and hopefully curb potential spread among those who have returned from abroad.

While an exact start date is not yet known for these COVID test centers, Söder stated in the interview that the beginning of Bavarian summer holidays next weekend was a goal. At this time, precise details about the free testing system are still to be announced.

Free Coronavirus Tests Planned for Bavaria's Airports

While free testing has been available throughout Bavaria for several weeks now, airport testing in the state has only been available at Munich Airport for a fee of 190 euros. The implementation of free test centers at airports across the state would then mean that testing would finally become available at Nuremberg and Memmingen’s airports as well, welcome news in response to increasing concern about lack of social distancing and safety measures in holiday hotspots like Mallorca.

For more information about what was discussed, you can read the full interview here (in German).

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