Food, Drinks and Boats on Bridges: An Alte Utting Review

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Hey Foodies! Today we set sail on the high seas of Munich for a boat ride on a suspended bridge. This epic location has it all: food, drinks, fun and plenty of Instagramable spots to make your friends jealous.

Dinner on a boat but no ocean in sight? No worries! Munich has one of the coolest bars this deep into land.

Have you ever been to Alte Utting over by Sendling in Southern Munich? It’s literally an old boat on a bridge and if that is not enough to get your attention, here is some more info that might pique your interest!

This history of this ship is pretty interesting. It was a party ship built in 1950 that would cruise around Ammersee just outside of Munich. It would take people from port to port while hosting parties and allowing people to have a great time at sea.

After serving the seas for nearly 65 years, the ship was retired and destined to be scrapped. However, The Wannda eV got wind of it and had the ingenious idea to bring the boat to shore and continue to bring parties and happiness to the people of Munich.

After an exciting excursion to its now position, on July 26th, 2018 the ship opened its doors to the public.

Alte Utting – Munich

This location isn’t just the ship though!

Along the bridge, you’ll also find different seating areas, bars and a few places serving food, from pizza and African cuisine to sweets such as crepes and beignets!

I’ve been here a few times, and got to try both the pizza and the African place. I can already tell you I’ll be back for more!

What We Ate: The Food

The African place is REALLY good and 100% authentic.

It’s African home cooking made with tons of love from the incredible chefs that work there.

You can tell they put everything they can into making sure that this food hits all the right spots.

We tried the Thiou with chicken and Mango Chicken. Both were just incredible! The amount of spice and flavor that goes into African food is just untouchable, and here, they really know how to do it.

This place is located on by the bottom front of the boat (the bow if you will). The food is prepared really quickly and you can get a side of rice or couscous, making the meal excellent value.

PS: they can make it extra spicy if you like it that way!

We also had the pleasure of trying the pizza place which is located at the very front of the bridge in a hidden corner.

If you walk up the stairs from the main entrance and turn left and keep going along the left side, you’ll eventually find this hidden gem.

Here you have a great selection of pizza and the best part is that they have BURRATA, which is the greatest cheese known to man. It’s creamy and gooey and just everything you want in cheese… which is wonderful news since they plop it right on top of your pizza.

The pizzas are pretty decently sized. You can share it with someone if you’re not that hungry, or you can attempt to scarf it down yourself which is pretty easy once you’ve had a bite.

Burrata with Rucola
Mozzarella with prosciutto

The Atmosphere

Alte Utting is definitely the place to be!

Great food, drinks, interesting atmosphere and sometimes you can get lucky to hear some live music.

It’s a very cozy place but I can see that if you wanted to dress up and have a party you can do that too.

There are a few different places you can reserve a table: in the boat, on the roof of the boat, near the containers in the back or on the bleacher type seats near the front of the boat.

Overall, I think it’s a perfect place for after work drinks, drinks with friends, birthday parties and other celebrations like weddings.

Final Thoughts

I would say this place is a must to visit even if you’re just passing through Munich.

It’s one of those unique selling points that you can brag about on social media or a cool place to show your grandparents a picture of.

It’s not something you see everyday especially in a land locked city. I would suggest making a reservation if you want to visit because the waiting line can get really long and it’s best to skip the line if you already have a table waiting for you.

You can check out more about the boat by checking out their website.

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