Where to Watch All the World Cup Games

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So the world champions are out. Germany have taken a surprise early exit from the tournament, leaving a rather sombre atmosphere here in Munich.

But the important question is, where can we still watch the World Cup? As expats, many of us still have a dog in the fight, and now that we are into the knockout stages, every game is of paramount importance. What better way to watch the tournament than on a big screen, with a few friends and maß in hand? So we’ve put together a short list of the public screenings where you can do exactly that, for ALL the games?!

1. Hofbräukeller

Large beer garden just across the Isar. Under the cover of trees, good for shade when the weather is too hot.Where to Watch All the World Cup Games

2. Augustiner Schützengarten

A bit further out from the centre, near the zoo. Serves Augustiner. What more could you want?

Where to Watch All the World Cup Games3. Seehaus

In the Englischer Garten next to the lake. Crying next to a lake makes your tears of disappointment seem small.Where to Watch All the World Cup Games

4. Flughafen München

At the airport. Okay so not exactly central location. But perfect if you have a flight to catch and your a fan of Air-Craft Beers (see what they did there?).Where to Watch All the World Cup Games

5. Backstage

Multiple big (okay medium) screens. At least 3 good sized seating areas. Perfect for if you’re unsure as to how busy the game is and don’t want to be a party of 4 in a beer garden that usually seats 200.

Where to Watch All the World Cup Games

If you know of any other great outside spots that will be showing all the games, be sure to let us know in the comments section below. #footballscominghome

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