DEAL ALERT: Get 2 Deutsche Bahn Tickets ANYWHERE in Germany for Only 69,99 €

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Yo guys, listen up.

We all know Deutsche Bahn? Deutsche “gotta sell your kidney to afford a last minute ticket” Bahn?

So DB tickets aren’t cheap. We know this. UNLESS there are Tofifee coupons or some kinda wild Sparpreis that flashes into our lives, selling out as quickly as it came.

BUT we’ve caught wind of a special deal that lets you score two long distance train tickets anywhere in Germany for only 69,99€ roundtrip. That means Munich to Berlin for 69,99€ roundtrip, Munich to Dresden for 69,99€, Munich to however-far-up-north-Germany-you-freaking-want for 69,99€. It’s a pretty magical deal. And it’s legit. We’ve tried it. Click here to check out the deal for yourself.


There are two variations of the deal. Basically it’s called a MyTrain DB Ticket and you get voucher codes for long distance trains (ICE ICE baby) when you purchase a subscription to Maxdome. For those who had to Google it like us, Maxdome is “the largest online video library in Germany with over 50,000 films and series for the home.” Apparently now you can access Maxdome on ICE trains without using any data connection, so I guess this whole promo is like a publicity stunt to promote that.

Your two options are:

  • 69,99€ for 6 months of Maxdome + 2 MyTrain DB Tickets (in the form of voucher codes)
  • 39,99€ for 3 months of Maxdome + 1 MyTrain DB Ticket (in the form of a voucher code)

Once you make the purchase, you get an email right away with the voucher codes that you then enter at After you enter the code, you can search for trains as normal except valid trains that still have space will show all the ticket prices as ZERO. It’s pretty great. Here’s an example using trains to Berlin on August 5th. ZEROOOO!

DEAL ALERT: Get 2 Deutsche Bahn Tickets ANYWHERE in Germany for Only 69,99 €


Click over to the MyTrain website here, choose the option you want and then pay. You’ll get an email immediately with the voucher codes for Maxdome and your train tickets, which you can then redeem at while supplies last or whatever.

Happy travels!! Make good use of these 😉

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