You Can Walk Llamas 1hr Outside Munich & It’s The Best Experience Ever

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Forget Salzburg, forget Neuschwanstein, Munich has one day trip to offer that is far superior to the rest.

Because yes, it involves llamas.

You Can Walk Llamas 1hr Outside Munich & It's The Best Experience Ever

Located at a ranch about 1hr away from Munich, Bayern Lamas offers up the best possible incentive to go for a walk: a furry llama companion to walk with you every step of the way.

Yes, this is real: the best day of your life is only 1 hour away. And yes, there’s even a Groupon for it.

Important Info About the Bayern Lamas Experience

Cost: 20 euros a person for a 2hr walk + refreshments at the end according to their website. We used a Groupon though. Click here for a full list of prices and options.

Language: Most of the patrons will probably be German, but Sonja the owner speaks perfect English so you don’t have to worry – you’ll get all the info you need if you’re an English speaker.

Parking: There’s a parking lot 3min away from the ranch by foot. Directions are given to you when you book.

Difficulty of the Trek: Don’t worry, you won’t be mounting Zugspitze with your llama or anything. The trail is super flat and easy, just bring good shoes.

What to wear for your llama walk: It had been raining leading up to our walk, so the grounds were super muddy. I wore hiking boots and they were great, even though the trail wasn’t difficult! Definitely bring comfy walking shoes and dress appropriately for the weather, as the entire experience does take place outdoors.

Facilities: There’s a Porta Poddy on site, but it was out of toilet paper when I went. Just an FYI, maybe bring some toilet paper or tissue with you just in case!

Learn more about Bayern Lamas on their website! [All in German, but Google Translate is your best friend]

You Can Walk Llamas 1hr Outside Munich & It's The Best Experience Ever

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