7 Scrumptious Spots For Vegetarian Food In Munich

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Munich often warrants the same response, “I thought Munich was all pork knuckle and schnitzel! Isn’t it hard to be vegetarian there?”

In fact, these days, being a vegan or vegetarian in Munich is easier than ever. Since I moved to Munich five years ago, I’ve seen countless new restaurants specializing in vegan and vegetarian food and much more inclusive menus.

The emerging vegan and vegetarian scene in Munich offers something for everyone from quick, cheap eats you can grab on the go to fine dining with full set course menus for those special occasions. So, let’s dig into some of my favorite meatless options in Munich.

7 Scrumptious Spots For Vegetarian Food In Munich
A yummy breakfast from Aroma Kaffeebar

Quick And Cheap Vegetarian Food In Munich

If you’re a vegetarian on the go and want a quick and easy option to keep you satisfied, these options will save you some money and keep you happy!

1. Frischfutter

Address(es): Marsstraße 13 and Heßstraße 37

Frischfutter offers a simple yet flavorful vegetarian and vegan menu. In the summer heat, I recommend trying the cold wellness bowl with avocado, chickpeas, carrots, seed, and salad mix.

During the colder winter months, you can warm up with a hot bowl of vegan chili. Committed to clean eating, you won’t find any artificial ingredients, additives, or refined sugar in any food at Frischfutter. Their simple yet the cozy interior is excellent for a quick sit down bite to eat, or you can take their food to go and enjoy the comforts of healthy vegetarian food at home. They now have two locations in Munich on Marsstraße 13 and Heßstraße 37.


2. Mustafa’s Gemüse Kebap

Address: 21-24 Stachus, 80335

Mustafa’s Gemüse Kebap originated in Berlin, where it is so popular, there are often lines around the block to get a taste of this fresh and flavorful kebap.

Thankfully Mustafa’s made its way down to Munich, where the line can get a bit long, but the wait is worth it for the best vegetarian kebap in the city. All the vegetables are fresh and grilled on-site with a delicious homemade vegetarian seasoning and drool-worthy sauce. I recommend trying the veggie durum, but you can get a veggie platter, kebap, or salad. 


Mid-Range Vegan Food in Munich

If you’re looking for a casual sit down lunch or dinner, these restaurants are sure to do the trick.

3. Emmi’s Kitchen and Yogakantine

Address: Buttermelcherstraße 11-15, 80469

Emmi’s Kitchen and Yogakantine is one of my favorite places for brunch or late lunch – they even open at 9 am on weekends for a healthy start to your morning.

For breakfast, their American style pancakes are honestly some of the fluffiest vegan pancakes I’ve ever had – beating out any non-vegan pancake, and this is coming from an American pancake lover! The pancakes are covered in a thick berry reduction and sprinkled with powdered sugar.

7 Scrumptious Spots For Vegetarian Food In Munich

If you’re looking for something lighter, try their avocado toast served on local bread from the bakery down the road. Add an oat milk matcha latte or fresh-squeezed juice for the perfect brunch combination. For lunch, try their vegan health bowls and an Alkohol free organic beer. They just opened a second location, so you can now find them in Glockenbach and Geising. 

7 Scrumptious Spots For Vegetarian Food In Munich

4. Siggis

Address: Buttermelcherstraße 17, 80469

Siggis has one of the most diverse and unique menus for vegans. Along with some core menu items, they aren’t afraid to shake things up with seasonal ingredients and a rotating menu. For breakfast, I recommend trying their customizable tofu scramble. Make sure you add the grilled oyster mushrooms and smoked paprika to treat yo’ self!

If you stop in for lunch, you can order a variety of soups and sandwiches, including their spicy BBQ tempeh ciabatta. During dinner, my go-to is often the grateful salad with crispy oyster mushrooms, but I like to go in with an open mind and order whatever new item they have on their menu. If you’re in a hurry, stop in and order a sandwich to go, and don’t forget a vegan cupcake for dessert!

They just moved locations at the end of July, and I haven’t been to their new place, but their decor was always warm and inviting, and their staff are friendly and always happy to talk about Munich’s vegan food scene. You can also find them at Alte Utting and look for their vegan food truck at various events. 


5. Max Pett

Address: Pettenkoferstraße 8

Before I say anything about Max Pett, you should know they are an alcohol-free establishment, despite their lengthy ‘wine’ menu. I often go to Max Pett and chuckle when the table next to me finally realizes halfway through their bottle of “wine” that it is alcohol-free.

Max Pett is one of Munich’s older vegan restaurants, and it is still one of my favorites. This simple no-fuss restaurant serves everything from German favorites such as Keesespatzle, but with vegan ‘cheese’ to Beyond Meat burgers. They also have a daily special, so there is always something new to try including Vish and Chips. 

Fun Fact: Prof. Dr. Max von Pettenkofer (AKA Max Pett) is the man we can thank for having such a clean city. He was known for bringing clean drinking water to Munich and revolutionized their sewer system. He was also a strong advocate against alcohol abuse, which is why they only serve alcohol free wine. Honestly, though, the ‘wine’ is pretty good, and if you don’t tell your friends they aren’t consuming alcohol, you can watch them think they are getting drunk – which is pretty funny. 

7 Scrumptious Spots For Vegetarian Food In Munich

6. Soy

Address:  Theresienstraße 93, 80333 

Soy is relatively new in Munich, but their full vegan menu includes all your favorite Vietnamese without the meat or animal product.

This is my favorite place to go with a group of friends because we can all share the Asian tapas, so we can try a little bit of everything from the menu. If you don’t have a big group of friends, worry not because you can order one of their tasty rice dishes for two – I recommend the fried tofu!


Vegan and Vegetarian Fine Dining

If you’re looking for some great options for date nights or celebrations, these fancier options are sure to please.

7. Gratitude Eatery

Address: Türkenstraße 55, 80799

Gratitude, with its intimate and cozy setting, is the go-to restaurant for a fancier evening. I often end up here for birthday celebrations with friends or family.

I enjoy getting their three-course menu with an aperitif and wine pairing. For starters, I recommend their Kimchi cauliflower tempura, and for a main, I always enjoy the grilled avocado or whatever seasonal selection they have. For dessert, their vegan cheesecake is the perfect way to end the night.



Address: Frauenstraße 4, 80469

TIAN is a one Michelin star recommended restaurant, and it’s right here in Munich!

You can choose from a selection of four to six courses, all paired with wine. I obviously recommend trying all six courses and all six wines to sample everything from artichoke with fig and bay leaf to fresh-picked blueberries, quark, and lavender for dessert.

TIAN is committed to fresh organic ingredients harvested ethically, so you can feel good about this total indulgence of an experience. 


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