Eats and Drinks Near Hauptbahnhof: Park Cafe Review

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Hello Foodies! And Happy Foodie Friday! Today we sit down at a local favorite, Park Cafe. Classified as a Bavarian restaurant, this place also serves up American, Asian, health foods and an amazing array of cocktails!

We recently popped in for a quick bite with a friend, and I can confirm Park Cafe never ceases to wow me.

I know you’re probably used to a long blog but this week I will keep it short, crisp and to the point. Here’s a recap!

What We Ordered: Main Dishes

I’m a huge fan of Pad Thai; when I went to Thailand two years ago I was on the hunt for the cheapest most delicious pad thai I could find, meaning, that’s pretty much all I ordered while I was there.

I have come across a few good places in Munich for it so of course, when I saw it on the menu at Park Cafe, I thought, “Pad Thai? At a Bavarian Restaurant?…Sure why not.” I’ll admit it was actually really good! Not as good as some of the places I had in Thailand, but I think that would be hard to beat.

The pad thai at Park Cafe was thick and nutty with whole peanuts (which normally come chopped), and chicken served on the side. This for me was a tad bit strange as I am used to having it all mixed in, but it was pleasing to the eye and just as delicious to taste.

If you’re a Pad Thai fan as well, I would definitely recommend trying theirs at least once. The food menu is HUGE, so you’ll probably want to try a bunch of other stuff the next time you visit too!

Eats and Drinks Near Hauptbahnhof: Park Cafe Review
Pad Thai – Park Cafe

Next up, we ordered the classic bacon cheeseburger with fried onions and french fries on the side.

This burger is always a crowd favorite. It’s juicy and flavorful and the meat is so tender, you honestly can’t it down… unless of course, you’re like my FiancΓ© who eats burgers with a knife and fork (I know..weird right?)

Adding a crumble of crispy onions to each bite really does this burger in, with a saltiness and crunch that’s absolutely harmonious. Again, you won’t want to put this burger down!

Eats and Drinks Near Hauptbahnhof: Park Cafe Review
Bacon Cheeseburger – Park Cafe

The third thing we tried on the menu was the avocado with hummus, which was super tasty.

The hummus was thick and creamy, with just the perfect helping plopped over a beautifully ripe avocado. The dish was then topped with garden cress and served with a side of full wheat bread – the perfect snack to fill you up without the guilt.

Eats and Drinks Near Hauptbahnhof: Park Cafe Review
Avocado with Hummus – Park Cafe


Their drink menu is crazy! I swear they have over 50 drinks to choose including cocktails, signature drinks, homemade and detox drinks and a large assortment of wines and beers.

Some of our favorite drinks are Himbeer Caipi and the Gin Basil Mule but we like to mix it up a bit.

This time we went with a classic Mai Thai and the Himbeer-Minze-Limonade.

Both were super refreshing and only a small token of what the bartenders can do with their drinks. This is definitely a great place to go to on a Friday for weekend cocktails! But beware, because of the corona curfew, there is no happy hour since happy hour used to start at 10pm.

Eats and Drinks Near Hauptbahnhof: Park Cafe Review
Mai Thai and the Himbeer-Minze-Limonade – Park Cafe

Lasting Impressions

I really love Park Cafe, it’s centrally located just between Karlsplatz and Hauptbahnhof making it the perfect place for everyone to meet in the city for after-work drinks.

This is also my favorite place for birthdays. Here, they really know how to treat you to a real birthday, with great music, service and atmosphere. However, I’m not too sure how they handle birthdays now. Be sure to call ahead and find out about their corona policies before planning on having an event. Safety is the most important thing to remember when dining out.

You can check out Park Cafe Munich on Instagram and be sure to head to their website to see the full menu and to make a reservation!

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