Hearty Burgers in Schwabing: A Peter Pane Review!

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Welcome back to Foodie Friday! This week we’re munching down on some hearty burgers from Peter Pane. Peter Pane in Munich has two locations, one on Leopoldstrasse and one in Pasing. We were happily invited to have dinner at the Schwabing location and here’s what we thought!

Peter Pane Leopoldstrasse: Brief Intro

Schwabing is the perfect place to have dinner on an evening out. With the bustling sidewalks, shops and countless restaurants nearby you’re bound to stumble on a place to eat. But where do you go for burgers?

Now before I go on, I would like to say something. We do try to focus on local restaurants and not chains… HOWEVER, after further thought about this, I realized that chain restaurants are local too. After all, the staff working there are from our local community and also need support, particularly now post-lockdown, a time when the local gastro industry faced (and continues to face) financial hardships.

So, before judging a restaurant for being a chain, just remember that we are all in this together and every restaurant needs our help!

Now back to my question: Where do you go for burgers in Schwabing?

Well, have you ever tried Pater Pane?

This was my first visit and I was quite pleased with what I ate. I have to admit though, these burgers are definitely a case of “don’t judge a book by its cover”, with taste far outshining looks and presentation. Now friends, I know this might sound a bit harsh but I am here to give you a real, down to earth review – without any sugarcoating. Keep on reading for a full review of what we tried!

What We Ate: Burgers

We indulged in two very delicious burgers the FEIGE ZIEGE and the ONION JACK. The Fiege Ziege was definitely a favorite!

If you learned anything from my past blogs, it’s that I’m a HUGE goat cheese fan, especially when accompanied by a sweet-tangy chutney like my burger was. I mean, just look at it:

Hearty Burgers in Schwabing: A Peter Pane Review!

The whole burger just worked. The cheese, the fig chutney and the walnuts all nestled over a delicious beef patty… ugh it was just so good! I have to admit though I did add some BBQ sauce to my burger, not because it needed it but because I’m from Texas, and when I have an opportunity to add some BBQ sauce to something, I rarely pass it up.

The other burger we tried was the Onion Jack burger with 180g of black Irish Angus beef! This burger was a mouthful, with the onion rings, cheese, bacon, BBQ sauce and all the other fixins, you’ll be trying to figure out which side to take a bite of first. It was juicy and hearty and just everything we want in a burger, the saltiness from the onion rings to the sweetness of the BBQ sauce really pieced this burger together perfectly.

Hearty Burgers in Schwabing: A Peter Pane Review!
Onion Jack – Pater Pane


Peter Pane has really great deals for different times of the day. Since we were there for dinner, I got Peter’s Evening Menu which is offered daily starting from 5 pm and includes all of the following:

  • A burger or salad of your choice
  • Crispy fries or small garden salad or crispy nachos
  • A favorite cocktail or long drink

I went with a burger and a small salad. My salad was really nice. it was fresh and crisp and the perfect side to my burger.

Honestly speaking though, I low-key chose salad because I knew I wanted to save room for dessert.

Hearty Burgers in Schwabing: A Peter Pane Review!
Side Salad – Peter Pane

For the other side, we got the Truffelfritten, 1/2 pound crispy fries with grilled mushrooms, tomatoes, chives, sliced parmesan, truffle cream and rocket salad.

Guys, I love TRUFFLES! If you are worried that they are too bougie for you, don’t worry – you can experience a truffley, budget-friendly feast at Peter Pane.

These fries are sinful, let me tell you, and you just can’t get enough of them, they are for sure a cheat day type of food. But, as I mentioned above we tried to save room for dessert so we couldn’t finish all the fries although we were definitely picking at it until we got up the courage to tell the waiter to take it away.

Hearty Burgers in Schwabing: A Peter Pane Review!
Truffle Fries – Peter Pane


When at a burger place it’s almost natural to keep the theme going, so I did!

For one of the desserts, I ordered the chocolate burger with a side of ice cream. This is the dessert of my childhood dreams, probably something my mom would have never let me have a child but hey, I’m all grown up and I can eat whatever I want now! It was literally a dessert burger made of [Semi]frozen chocolate mousse, mascarpone and berry sauce on a nutty chocolate base with a side of fo-yo with smarties!

Hearty Burgers in Schwabing: A Peter Pane Review!
Chocolate Burger – Peter Pane

Honestly, I felt like I was a kid again. I haven’t been this excited about a dessert in a long time, like giddy excited you know like when you take a kid into an ice cream shop and tell them you can have whatever flavor or topping they want? Yeah, that sort of giddy. I think this dessert could have been a meal all on its own, it was very generously portioned.

Hearty Burgers in Schwabing: A Peter Pane Review!
Fro-yo – Peter Pane

The other dessert we ordered was the Schokoladenküchlein with a sour cherry compote. It’s basically a chocolate lava cake and it was amazing. It also came with a side of fo-yo so we were basically drowning in it. Luckily, one of our friends joined us and helped us eat a bit of it because I think we could have gone into an intense food coma afterward.

This cake was thick and so chocolatey I wish I had a glass of milk to wash it down, luckily I had my trusty cocktail with me!

Hearty Burgers in Schwabing: A Peter Pane Review!
Schokoladenküchlein – Peter Pane

Overall Impressions of Peter Pane

I would say overall we were very pleased with our visit to Peter Pane.

As I mentioned, it is a chain but honestly the food was really delicious, they have a great selection of burgers, drinks and sides and this place is super affordable! Especially if you do one of the day specials. The cocktails are also nice if you just want to meet some friends for drinks. They are tall and strong and they have a great variety. We ordered the Südsee and the Sonnenlicht and it basically transported us to a beach vacation.

Hearty Burgers in Schwabing: A Peter Pane Review!
Drinks – Peter Pane

I would definitely encourage you guys to have a dinner night there – after all, you’re helping out your local community and you’ll enjoy some really great food and atmosphere too!

To learn more about Peter Pane on Leopoldstrasse and their diverse menu offerings, be sure to visit the official Peter Pane website. PS: I did notice that not everything on their menu is on the website so you’ll just have to go visit and be surprised!

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