Trachtival Munich 2020: Full Program + Info!

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With Sommer in der Stadt winding down, the city of Munich is keeping the fun rolling with a new “Volksfest-y” event at the Werksviertel-Mitte known as Trachtival, with rides, a beer garden, tracht for sale and more!

In this post, we’ll share all the fun things you can do at Trachtival, along with important must-knows like opening hours and dates.

Trachtival Munich 2020: Full Program + Info!

Trachtival 2020: Basic Details

Location: Werksviertel-Mitte (By Ostbahnhof)

Dates: From September 11th to October 25th


Closed on Mondays

Tuesday – Friday: 2 p.m. – 10 p.m. 

Saturday / Sunday: 12 a.m. – 10 p.m. 

What to Expect: Rides, games, a beer garden, culinary offerings, performances

Trachtival Munich 2020: Full Program + Info!

What to do at Trachtival 2020

To get an idea of the programming available at Trachtival, here’s a list of what you can actually do!

1. Hop on some Trachtival 2020 Rides

For any thrillseekers missing the rides from Oktoberfest, you can get a small sampling of them here are Trachtival. Rides at Trachtival this year include:

  • The Umadum: This giant ferris wheel is not a temporary installation, but you can actually ride it cheaper during Trachtival if you buy some combo tickets for other rides too (more on this below).
  • Wilde Maus : A little traditional roller coaster decorated with tiny mice.
  • HangOver – The Tower : An 85m drop ride that is apparently the highest (mobile) free fall tower in the world. 
  • Jumper : A 20 passenger ride that puts you in an oversized windscreen wiper.
  • Chain carousel: A classic favourite for kids and adults alike.
  • Children’s carousel: A carousel featuring figures/motifs from the Brothers Grimm tales.

As we previously mentioned, they are offering special bundle tickets if you want to save a bit of money. The savings packages are:

TOP3 – Includes the Wildemaus, HangOver and Umadum


  • Regular: €20
  • Reduced: €15
  • Children: €11 €

TOP2 – Includes the Wildemaus and Umadum 


  • Regular: € 15
  • Reduced: 12 €
  • Children: 8 €
Trachtival Munich 2020: Full Program + Info!

2. Drink some Wiesn brews at the Trachtival Beer Garden

While there’s no shortage of places to grab a drink at the Werksviertel-Mitte, there’s a special pop-up beer garden set up just for Trachtival that includes a special treat: Wiesn brews for only 9 euros a Maß!

Definitely a better deal than what you’d get at the real Wiesn….. right? …. Right? *sob*

They also have a small selection of other drinks here too:

Trachtival Munich 2020: Full Program + Info!

3. Do some shopping

If you’re in the market for new tracht, Angermaier has a pop-up shop at the festival, including an outlet section where you can get huge discounts on last season’s styles.

We also spotted a small Wiesn souvenir stand selling Oktoberfesty magnets, Maßkreug, and because it’s 2020: masks!

Trachtival Munich 2020: Full Program + Info!

4. Play some games

At Trachtival 2020, you’ll also find a few carnival games like duck fishing and the shooting gallery, along with a set of claw machines with some (honestly) awesome prizes like big smiling Pikachus and the cutest little stuffed hamsters.

5. Grab a bite to eat

Some classic Oktoberfest treats can be found at Trachtival too, including a confectionary truck selling chocolate-covered fruit, gingerbread hearts and all the classics.

Since you’re in the Werksviertel-Mitte too, there’s a bunch of a places to grab ‘regular’ food as well, with diverse options including poké bowls, Thai street food, healthy green takeaways and Syrian cuisine.

Trachtival Munich 2020: Full Program + Info!

6. Enjoy some live music

As part of Trachtival and Sommer in der Stadt, they’ve set up a performance stage at Knödelplatz where musicians will be hosting free mini-concerts. A full program has not yet been released, but you can check the official site here for more info.

Trachtival Munich 2020: Full Program + Info!

For more info on the Trachtival program, visit the official site here.

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