These 100 Golden Busts of Ludwig II Are Being Sold Tomorrow. Here’s How You Can Get One

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Have you ever thought to yourself “wow, I wish I had a golden bust of King Ludwig II?”


In case you missed it, 100 golden busts of our favourite fairytale king, Ludwig II have been happily invading Nymphenburg Palace for the past six weeks in honour of the king’s 173rd birthday. Now, you can own a piece of the fairytale yourself… for a surprisingly low price!

According to an official announcement from, the remaining golden busts are being sold on Monday, October 15, 2018 for only 50 euros a piece. Before you get too excited though, know that these golden bad boys are made of plastic. Sorry!

So how can you get one? Whether you’re just a collector, a Ludwig II enthusiast, or bad at giving normal gifts, the process is simple: from 9am onwards on Monday, October 15, 2018, you can purchase your own lil Ludwig at the Marstallmuseum Kasse, where you’ll get a receipt to collect your newest acquisition from 11-12pm in the museum shop (in the middle of the castle). Yes, it’s a little bureaucratic – welcome to Bavaria!

NOTE: They’ve clarified that these low-key Ludwig purchases are cash only.