7 Last-Minute Munich-Inspired Halloween Costumes You NEED To Try This Year

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Halloween is fast approaching, and if you’re still losing sleep over what lazy/cliched costume to bust out this year, we have you covered.

Below is a roundup of original, Munich-inspired costumes that will make you the star of whatever Halloween party you decide to crash (before the eerie silence of All Saint’s Day). Best of all? These can all be pulled together quickly. Enjoy!

1. The KVR

Live in Munich for any period of time, and you’re sure to encounter the KVR…. aka everybody’s absolute favourite. If you want to dress up as something truly terrifying this Halloween, look no further.

What you’ll need for this Munich-inspired Halloween costume:

  • Long sleeve shirt
  • Print out of letters “KVR”
  • Multiple printouts of people waiting in line (this one would do)


  • Glue the letters “KVR” onto your shirt
  • Print and cut out many copies of people waiting in line, then liberally glue or tape them along your shirt, winding down to the bottom of your leg if you want to be extra dramatic
  • For bonus points, be thoroughly unhelpful and when people try to talk to you, tell them they don’t have an appointment and to try again in 6 weeks

2. Oma Polizei

Ah, the oma polizei, where would Munich be without them? The grumpy old ladies that feel the need to watch your every move from their windows, and judgementally stare you down when you breathe too loudly on the U-Bahn. Pay tribute to these Munich golden girls with this easy DIY outfit.

What you’ll need for this Munich-inspired Halloween costume:

  • A grey old lady wig like this one
  • Nightgown
  • Black leather jacket (like the Munich polizei wear)
  • Adhesive letters


  1. Glue the letters “OMAPOLIZEI” on the back of your leather jacket
  2. Put on the nightgown, wig and leather jacket on top
  3. Spend the night scolding people for talking too loud, what they’re wearing and just hang out by the window, judging everyone that walks by

3. Eisbach Surfer Late for Work

Munich’s Eisbach surfers are world-famous, squeezing in a quick surf whenever they can, on weekends, at night, and for some, even before work. Honour these Munich legends with an easy costume that shows what reality is like when you’ve got a 9-5 but still needa get your surf on.

What you’ll need for this Munich-inspired Halloween costume:

  • A wet suit
  • Business clothes (e.g. dress shirt + tie)


  1. Put on your dress shirt and tie
  2. Put on your wetsuit, leave it half down
  3. Keep looking down at your watch, panicked, throughout the night

4. Pass-out Hill

Dress up as Munich’s saddest spectacle this Halloween with an easy Pass-Out Hill costume!

What you’ll need for this Munich-inspired Halloween costume:


  1. Glue your tiny toy people randomly onto your top – the weirder the positions the better
  2. Print out some pictures of dirndls/lederhosen off the Internet
  3. Cut and glue dirndl/lederhosen pics on top of your tiny toy people
  4. For dramatic effect, glue on some cartoon puddles of spilled beer, vomit and fragments of dignity on there

5. Undercover ticket inspector

This one is for the truly lazy Halloween partyer. Simply wear normal clothes, and when people ask you why you didn’t dress up, show off your little black murse thing under your jacket and demand to see a ticket.

What you’ll need for this Munich-inspired Halloween costume:

  • Regular clothes
  • Black rectangular shoulder murse thing like this one
  • Little ticket book so you can hand out fines


  1. Wear a black murse under your jacket
  2. Keep a ticket book in your pocket
  3. Put on jacket
  4. Demand to see tickets from random people when they ask why you’re not dressed up
  5. Maybe shout “SCHWARZFAHREN IST VERBOTEN” a few times for good measure

6. Brotzeit

Everybody’s favourite snack! Who wouldn’t want to be your friend if you dressed up as brotzeit? All the better if your costume contained real, actual snacks.

What you’ll need for this Munich-inspired Halloween costume:

  • Pretzel head costume like this one
  • OPTION A: Clear ziplock bags + your favourite brotzeit snacks (e.g. salami, obatzda, mini pretzels, etc.)
  • OPTION B: Paper/printed cutouts of your favourite brotzeit snacks, or ones made out of felt
  • Regular top you don’t mind getting ruined/stuff stuck on
  • Fabric glue like this


  1. If doing OPTION A (Real snacks), glue ziplock bags onto your top and fill them with your favourite brotzeit items. That’s right, you’re hauling salami into the club (not a euphemism)
  2. If doing OPTION B (fake snacks), cut or print out your favourite brotzeit snacks and glue them to your top
  3. Put on pretzel head costume
  4. Watch as drunk people are amazed by your costume

7. Your favourite beer of the Big Six

Last but not least, Munich’s famous breweries are the city’s pride and joy. Why not take your beer worship to the next level by dressing up as your favourite beer?

What you’ll need for this Munich-inspired Halloween costume:

  • Beer costume (like this one)
  • Print-out of your favourite brewery logo
  • CHEAP ALTERNATIVE: Buy a beer hat like this one and attach a logo to that instead of a full-size beer costume


  1. Print out a big version of your favourite brewery logo
  2. Cut it out and glue it on your beer costume or beer hat
  3. BONUS POINTS: Load a backpack with an actual keg and pour beers for people. You’d be the most popular human in town

Any other ideas for Munich-inspired Halloween costumes?

Throw them in the comments! Have an awesome Halloween!