Just Released: The Weirdest Items at This Year’s Oktoberfest Lost & Found

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Oktoberfest can be a messy time, and the contents of this year’s Lost and Found are solid proof of that.

Muenchen.de has just released an official report with stats from this year’s Oktoberfest. In it, they disclose a few important numbers, including official visitor stats (6.3 million) and beer consumption (7.5 million litres), but what caught our attention? A report from the Oktoberfest Lost and Found, which counted over 2500 items this year.

And so, for your viewing pleasure, out of the 2,685 items left at this year’s Oktoberfest Lost and Found, here are some of the strangest:

A tuba

Clearly someone in the band was slacking.

A set of couple’s wedding rings

Lover’s spat or carelessness? We’re not sure, but we need to get to the bottom of this.

A badminton racket set

Because why wouldn’t a mid-Wiesn badminton game be a good idea?

A hot water bottle

… Okay.

Just Released: The Weirdest Items at This Year's Oktoberfest Lost & Found

A car license plate

How did that even get in there?

840 ID Cards


460 Purses

Dayum, ladies.

… And so much more.

You guys need to see the official photos from their report, which can be found here. The organization level of the countless keys, phones, hats and coats left behind is mesmerizing. We wouldn’t expect anything less from you, Bavaria. Prost, and here’s to next year!


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