Theatres & Cinemas Re-Opening, Outdoor Dining Hours Extended & More: A Summary of Today’s Press Conference from the Bavarian State Government

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At a press conference on Tuesday afternoon, Bavarian Minister-President Markus Söder announced a variety of changes to come as Bavaria continues its gradual easing out of lockdown measures.

Among the topics addressed were childcare, culture, gastronomy, sporting facilities, and more. Here is a summary of the changes announced.

From May 30 onwards, bus travel will once again be allowed

For now, only individual bookings will be permitted, meaning no group tours or bookings will be allowed at this time. This is in addition to the previous announcement made that hotels, holiday apartments and camping sites may once again reopen from May 30 as well.

From May 30 onwards, face-to-face classes (for adults) will once again be allowed

This includes classes taking place at language schools and adult education centers.

From June 2 onwards, opening hours for outdoor dining will be extended until 10pm

While outdoor dining facilities were previously only allowed to open until 8pm, this will be changing next Tuesday, June 2nd, at which point opening hours will have the possibility to extend until 10pm. Yes, this includes beer gardens!

Do note however that hours are ultimately up to each individual establishment. Click here to learn more about the beer garden rules across Bavaria.

From June 8 onwards, outdoor swimming pools, gyms, and dance schools may re-open

Facilities will of course be limited, and strict hygiene measures will be enforced. At this time, saunas, wellness areas and indoor pools will remain closed, with no opening dates yet announced.

From June 8 onwards, training for team sports will once again be allowed

Outdoor team sports training may take place in groups of up to 20 individuals.

From June 15 onwards, theatre performances, concerts and cinemas may once again take place

These performances will be subject to strict hygiene measures and conditions, including a 50 visitor maximum for indoor events and 100 visitor maximum for outdoor events, as well as a mask and minimum distance obligation.

From July 1 onwards, the government aspires to have childcare restored

Schools and childcare facilities have been gradually reopening over the past few weeks, and in the press conference, Söder announced the goal that all children be looked after again from July 1 onwards, with the normal operation of schools hopefully possible after summer vacation (dependent of course on the spread of COVID-19 remaining contained).

There will be more opportunities for COVID-19 testing moving forward

Lastly, it was also announced in the press conference that those working essential roles in the medical field, or in nursing/care homes will be given the opportunity to take coronavirus tests (on a voluntary basis). Söder moreover expanded that teachers would also get more testing opportunities in the future.

For more information, you can watch today’s press conference (in German) here.

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