Germany May Be Lifting Travel Ban to 31 Countries (as Early as June 15)

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Some optimistic news today for those hoping to vacation around Europe this summer – your wish may be granted in only a few weeks’ time!

The German federal government has announced plans to potentially lift travel bans to 31 countries as early as June 15. This is a plan that is of course contingent on the spread of COVID-19 remaining under control, and one that is still subject to discussion and final approval in the Federal Government, who is set to meet on Wednesday.

The plan is laid out in a draft paper titled “Kriterien zur Ermöglichung des innereuropäischen Tourismus” (AKA Criteria for enabling intra-European tourism).

If approved, this plan would lift the worldwide travel warning that has been in place in Germany since March 17, re-opening borders to 31 countries, including:

  • Germany’s 26 partner countries in the EU
  • Schengen Zone countries not in the EU such as Iceland, Norway, Switzerland, and Liechtenstein
  • The United Kingdom

Before you get too excited though, it is important to remember that no formal decision has yet been made, and any decisions will still depend on COVID-19 remaining under control. The paper itself will be discussed (and potentially decided on) during a Federal Government meeting on Wednesday.

More on this as it develops.

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