The Surfers Are Back! Surfing Once Again Allowed on the Eisbachwelle

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After several weeks of the Eisbachwelle being a no-surf zone, announced yesterday that the English Garden’s famous wave is once again open to surfers.

Surfers will have to maintain a 1.5m distance between them, especially in the line-up to enter the water, but apart from that, the wave is theirs to enjoy as normal.

Unfortunately for us giddy spectators though, we’ll have to wait a while before once again enjoying our favourite free show. According to the article published by here, spectators will not initially be allowed at the Eisbachwelle. When this will change is unknown, but you can still catch a quick peek while walking by if you’re feeling nostalgic!

The current construction fences that have blocked the area will be removed promptly.

Click here for a full summary of what sports are currently allowed.


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