What Sports Can I Do in Munich? A Quick Overview of Current Rules

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In case you haven’t heard, as of May 11, a lot of Bavaria’s lockdown restrictions on sports will be significantly eased.

Here is what you need to know about the changes coming into effect (as of May 11):

Outdoor sports facilities will partially reopen, subject to certain rules

While re-opening dates/rules are up to individual facilities, as of May 11, outdoor sports facilities may re-open provided that they comply with the following rules:

  • Showers, changing rooms and common rooms/spaces remain closed
  • Training facilities are used for individual sports/leisure, or to train for team sports (individually) if one is engaging in technical/tactical training
  • Training takes place outdoors only
  • Training takes place with no more than five people, with a minimum of 1.5m kept between individuals

The full scoop can be found here.

Restricted football training in small groups will be allowed

Football training can now once again take place provided that groups (including the coach or any supervisors) does not exceed 5 people. There are strict regulations in place however, which you can read about here.

Tennis courts may re-open, subject to certain rules

While indoor tennis halls remain closed for now, outdoor tennis courts may re-open. From May 18 onwards, it will also be possible for clubs to open up their terraces for gastronomic offerings.

At the moment, the following rules apply:

  • Up to 5 people may use a tennis court at the same time
  • Training must be contactless
  • A minimum 1.5m distance must be observed between players, even when entering and leaving the facility
  • In instances where said distance cannot be maintained, one must cover their nose/mouth (i.e. wear a mask)
  • Handshakes, etc. are prohibited

Training for Athletics (i.e. track/field) may be practiced again, subject to certain rules

Athletics may be practiced so long as there are no more than 5 participants per group (including trainers) and standard hygiene/distance requirements are followed.

Golf is allowed again w/ booked tee times or coaching lessons

Golfing is now possible again so long as you have booked a tee time or coaching lesson. For the time being, golf carts and trolleys are not available for rent, and certain amenities such as ball washers will be removed. While some courses will provide special tools for contactlessly removing golf balls, golfers are encouraged to only remove golf balls with gloves if possible.

NOTE: Youth training cannot take place, and groups must be no more than 5 people including trainers. Tournaments and competitions are also suspended at this time.

More details can be found here.

Horse riding arenas may be used again, but without spectators

From May 11 onwards, horse riding practices and lessons will be permitted outside in public spaces, in outdoor sports facilities or in riding arenas. Distance must be observed and groups may not exceed more than 5 people. Spectators are not currently allowed.

Mountain sports such as hiking are once again allowed

Click here for more details on rules and regulations.

Air sports will be allowed

Air sports such as aviation, hang gliding, skydiving, etc. will be allowed from May 11 onwards, however more detailed information will be available on this soon.

Water sports in public waters will be allowed

Moreover, water sports such as swimming, rowing and sailing will be possible from May 11 onwards in public water.

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