The Milchhäusl Ski Gondolas: A Cozy Hidden Gem in the English Garden

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Over the years, one of our favourite winter-time traditions in Munich (besides chugging Glühwein at Christmas markets and giggling at all the marshmallow Kinder in giant snowsuits) has been a simple one: sipping drinks in ski gondolas at the Milchhäusl, a delightful gem of a kiosk found in the English Garden.

Located just off of the Königinstraße entrance to the English Garden (near the Universität U-Bahn stop), Milchhäusl is an iconic kiosk famous for its 100% bio-only menu, and of course, its wintertime installation of Garmisch-Partenkirchen ski gondolas, which you are free to climb into and warm up with a cozy drink and snack.

NOTE: We far preferred it a few years back when the gondola cars came from Wank (true story), but we’re not bitter about it anymore.

While the Milchhäusl is not a “hidden secret” by any means – it’s still a gem undiscovered by many in Munich, especially in the winter, when the park crowds thin out. So, here’s us sharing our “secret” with you. This is an awesomely cozy place for a date night, hang-out or a great way to warm up after a quick jaunt in the park. The glühwein here is delicious, but we’ve heard great things about the food too (again, it’s all 100% bio).

PRO TIP: There are more gondola cars in the back, behind the kiosk which many people miss. If you’re still looking for a spot to sit, be sure to check the back too!

While we don’t have an exact date on when these will be up til, in past years, they were usually gone by early March, so head over soon to get your fill of sweet, sweet coziness!

Milchhäusl: Basic Info

Address: Königinstr. 6 (just at the entrance of the English Garden)

Hours: 10am – 10pm, daily


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