Rosita’s Chili at Karlsplatz Stachus Station Review: Quick, Decent Tex Mex in Munich

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Rosita’s Chili: A Quick Overview

As a franchise with two locations in Munich’s busiest transit hubs, odds are you’ve seen the smiling face of Rosita, pretty in pink, at some point during your city commutes. As love-struck devotees to Tex Mex, we’ve long been on the hunt for delicious, affordable and flavourful Tex Mex in Munich… usually to sad results. But, after passing by Rosita’s Chili so many times (with its two locations in Stachus’ Sonnenpassage and in Hauptbahnhof), we figured it was finally time to give it a try.

According to their website, Rosita’s Chili aims to bring the best of Mexico’s street food kitchens to Munich, with a simple menu consisting of classics like quesadillas, nachos, burritos and burrito bowls. All in a quick fast food manner. Here’s our full review of the Rosita’s Chili experience (at the Karlsplatz Stachus location).

Food at Rosita’s Chili, Karlsplatz Stachus Station

The menu at Rosita’s Chili is simple. You pick your meal of choice: quesadillas, burrito or a burrito bowl, with filling options like grilled chicken, crispy chicken, mango chicken, barbacoa beef, pulled pork, chili con carne and grilled veggie. You can of course double up on the meat filling, add additional toppings, etc. I mean guys, it’s fast food, you can go wild with the customizations.

If you’re feeling snacky, they also do nachos with a variety of salsas and nacho bowls topped with chili con carne and jalapeño cheese sauce, and offer breakfast burrito options before 11am with fillings like cheese & egg, tomato bacon and veggie (scrambled eggs, guac and pico de gallo).

We sadly weren’t there for breakfast, just a quick post-shopping snack before we passed out from hunger. This was about an hour before closing time and so there were zero line-ups. We got two burritos: one with barbacoa beef and the other with pulled pork. We let the girl just do her thing and didn’t ask for any customizations. They were both tasty, and the ingredients were fairly fresh, although the burritos weren’t as fully stuffed as we would have liked, and the overwhelming amount of salad was a bit overpowering. The texture of the wheat tortilla was nice though, and after a few drops of the sauces on offer, the flavour was on point as well.

Prices at Rosita’s Chili, Karlsplatz Stacchus Station

I mean obviously the main draw of Rosita’s is that the prices are reasonable.

A taco bowl will run you less than 5 euros, all the quesadillas were less than 4 euros, and all the burritos were in the 5-6 euro range. Overall, if you’re looking for a quick and filling snack, this place won’t break the bank.

Service at Rosita’s Chili, Karlsplatz Stacchus Station

Both of the girls on shift that day were really quick and friendly. Of course, it’s a chain housed mostly in train stations soooo it’s pretty inevitable that the service will depend on who you get that day. Given that it’s a grab & go type place, this isn’t a big deal. Just eat your damn burrito.

Ambiance at Rosita’s Chili, Karlsplatz Stacchus Station

Despite being in a train station though, Rosita’s Chili actually does have quite a bit of seating space if you want to wolf down your burrito in-house. The decor is quite vibrant and lovely as well, with colourful lamps and tiles adding pops of colour to the minimalist wood seating. We’re not saying “take a date here” but hey, if you want a cuter place than the U-Bahn platform to nibble your burrito, it has a nice ambiance.

Rosita’s Chili: The Final Verdict

Of course, we weren’t expecting to find the BEST TEX MEX EVER in the arms of a train station eatery, but Rosita’s Chili offered a satisfying and tasty snack for our post-shopping hanger. The prices are good and it’s nice value for what you get, although maybe next time we’ll pay for additional filling and customize our orders a little more (because no burrito needs that much salad, yenno what we sayin’?) Anyways, we’ll definitely come back again for a quick bite, but sadly our search for authentic & amazing Tex Mex in Munich continues…


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