A Last Minute Munich Sbahn Strike Is Coming Today!

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Time to plan ahead commuters, there will be a Munich Sbahn Strike coming today. We’ve got all the details here for you get ready!

The GDL (Gewerkschaft Deutscher Lokomotivführer) have announced they will launch a 20 hour strike starting Wednesday November 15th , but have no fear, just check our notes below to reroute your plans into the weekend.

A Last Minute Munich Sbahn Strike Is Coming Today!
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When Is The Munich Sbahn Strike Happening? Which Trains ARE affected?

Munich Sbahn Strike
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The GDL workers are set to strike across Bavaria on Wednesday November 15, 2023. The strike will begin at 10 p.m. and is said to go until 6p.m. Thursday November 16, 2023.

The strike will only affect regional, and suburban trains…mostly creating an inconvenience for those planning on travelling with the Sbahn.

So make sure to check out the ubahn, tram or bus options to plan your commutes for Wednesday evening and Thursday!

Which Trains Are NOT Affected By The Munich Sbahn Strike?

Munich Sbahn Strike
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DB line workers responding to the strike call may lead to cancellations. This is because DB Netz, the rail subsidiary, manages the rail network extensively. It’s important to note that public transport connections, such as the subway, bus, and tram are not affected by the strike call.

Bayerische Regionalbahn (BRB), the second largest railroad in Bavaria after DB, falls under the umbrella of Transdev, a mega transport group. BRB, previously known by different smaller brands like BOB or Meridian, could potentially be impacted by the wage dispute, as Transdev is also a negotiating partner.

However, the GDL union has a weaker presence within BRB. Other rail companies in Bavaria, including Agilis, Go-Ahead Bayern, and Länderbahn, are not directly involved in the wage negotiations. Nevertheless, the GDL has called for a strike among all its members across all companies, although the impact will predominantly be felt on Deutsche Bahn trains.

Will Tickets From This Munich Sbahn Strike Period Be Refunded?

A Last Minute Munich Sbahn Strike Is Coming Today!
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Passengers are requested to avoid non-essential rail travel or delay their trips during the strike. Tickets for Wednesday and Thursday travel can be rescheduled for a later date.

Train connections have been suspended, but tickets remain valid for the intended destination, even if the route is modified. Seat reservations can be cancelled without any charges…so yay! at least there is that.

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