Quirky And Unique Munich Date Ideas You NEED To Try!

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Winter weather got you stumped on coming up with a great date activity? Luckily, there are tons of quirky and unique Munich date ideas, from volleyball at an indoor beach to brunch aboard a beached ship! Here are six fabulous finds to get you started!

Quirky And Unique Munich Date Ideas Alte utting boat Brunch

There’s snow better way to beat the winter blues than adventuring beyond the comfort zone of your couch. Take a mate or a date, and check out our favourite quirky activities to bring some spice into your winter.

Jazz Brunch At Alte Utting

Quirky And Unique Munich Date Ideas You NEED To Try!
Photo from Alte Utting

Alte Utting is one of the most spectacular spots in the city – and a sure-fire way to impress your date.

This decommissioned steam ship is moored on a bridge and overlooks the inter-city arterial road – and it’s a great spot to party. For something a little different, head to their Jazz Brunch which takes place typically every second Sunday.

With an ever changing rota of live musicians – you can pick a sub-genres to suit your mood, and gorge yourself silly on the Breakfast club menu.

Quirky And Unique Munich Date Ideas You NEED To Try!
Photo from Alte Utting

Location: Lagerhausstraße 15

Opening Times: Typically every second Sunday – check the Program here

Cost: Free to attend, pay for what you consume (10-30 EUR)

Rock Climbing At Heavens Gate

Quirky And Unique Munich Date Ideas You NEED To Try!
Photo from Heavens Gate

If you’re looking for something to make you stand out from other potential suitors – why not head out rock climbing together?

It’s the perfect environment to foster intimacy and trust – and the mental puzzle of it will give you both ample opportunity to put your heads together.

Our favourite spot is Heavens Gate – boasting Europe’s highest climbing walls with plenty of routes and challenges to choose from.

Location:  Speicherstraße 21

Opening Times: Monday to Friday 7am – 11pm, Saturday & Sunday 9am – 11pm

Cost: 16 EUR pp (11.50 EUR if you go before 3pm on a weekday) // more info on their website here

Indoor Beach Volleyball

Quirky And Unique Munich Date Ideas You NEED To Try!
Photo from Beach Dome

Feeling the winter blues? Get those endorphins flowing and head under cover to Beach Dome for sandy toes and a not-so-sunburnt nose.

Beach volleyball is a fun way to exercise your competitive streak (or work as a team we guueeessss) and have a few laughs. End your date with a relaxing drink (or a relaxing bath).

We rate Beach Dome for its size and offerings (if volleyball is not your thing, give Beach Handball or Football a go) – it’s the wildly successful result of a crowdfunding campaign to keep the beach courts open over the winter.

Location: Margarethe-Danzi-Straße 21

Opening Times: Monday to Wednesday 3pm – 11pm, Thursday 5pm – 11pm, Friday 1pm – 11pm, Saturday 10am – 11pm, Sunday 9am – 11pm

Cost: 22 EUR open sessions, 40-58 EUR to hire a court // more info on their website here

JUMP House Trampoline Park

Quirky And Unique Munich Date Ideas You NEED To Try!
Photo from Jump House

Bounce to the top of the list of suitors by releasing your inner child and hitting the Trampoline Park. For a couple of hours you and yours can experience unbridled joy – and we can guarantee that by the end of it, your heart won’t be the only thing flip flopping.

We love how much fun this is – and bonus points for creativity. JUMP House – with a field of trampolines, an open dodge ball pitch, and several foam pits – this is bound to get you both giggling.

Location: Ingolstädter Str. 172

Opening Times: Monday to Thursday 3pm – 8pm, Friday 3pm – 9pm, Saturday & Sunday 9am – 8pm

Cost: 15.9 EUR (60 minutes); 21.9 EUR (90 minutes), 27.9 EUR (120 minutes)

Open Magic Night

Quirky And Unique Munich Date Ideas Open Mic Magic
Photo from Senatore

Probably one of our favourite Munich open mic nights, the open magic night at Senatore is one way can truly abracadabra up some fun with your date!

Whether you want to show off your magic tricks or sit in the audience and be dazzled, this magic open night is one activity you simply must have on your date ideas list.

Location: Senatore Bar-Sendlinger-Tor-Platz 5

Opening Times: Every 3rd. Wednesday of the month// starting at 8p.m

Cost: Free admission

Karaoke Bingo Night

Quirky And Unique Munich Date Ideas Karaoke
Photo from Yokocho

If you haven’t already heard of the stunning Japanese Karaoke box bar Yokocho, then this is a must! Especially when it comes to their weekly Karaoke Bingo night in Munich!

Their Musical Bingo takes place every Thursday night from 7:30 p.m. to 10 p.m. No reservations are required; simply bring your phone to scan the QR game code and participate in the fun. Use that team work to make the prize dream work- cash, liquid and voucher prizes are on the line!

Location: Yokocho Karaoke Box & Bar- Atelierstraße 14

Opening Times: Thursdays 7:30 p.m. to 10 p.m. (open bar karaoke after!)

Cost: Free admission

Any Other Quirky And Unique Munich Date Ideas We Should Add To The List?

Let us know in the comments or if you are interested in more of course make sure to check out our Instagram & TikTok!

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