How To Best Travel To And From The Munich Airport

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If you’re not sure which transportation method is best for you to and from the Munich airport, here are a few helpful tips.

Whether you’re interested in hopping on the local public transportation with your 49 euro ticket, going a bit easier by car or keen on trying the special Lufthansa Express Bus. We’ve got all the details for you here!

How To Best Travel To And From The Munich Airport
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Munich Airport Travel: With Public Transportation

How To Best Travel To And From The Munich Airport
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In terms of transportation, the Sbahn (overground train) is the best option for getting in and out of the city from the airport.  Really in general, once you understand how the public transit system works in Munich, you’ll find it pretty useful. Luckily, we have an excellent (and simplified) article on the topic here!

You can reach the city center by taking the S1 in the direction of Leuchtenbergring or the S8 in the direction of Herrsching. And if you want to get to the airport, take the S8 or S1 in the direction of Munich Airport Terminal.

Purchasing a single one-way ticket into the city or out of the city currently costs 13EUR, or you can get the Deutschland Ticket for your visit to Munich that covers all regional public transportation. 

Munich Airport Travel: By Car Or Taxi

How To Best Travel To And From The Munich Airport
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If you’d prefer to skip on public transportation, using Uber or Free Now, you can get a taxi or rent a car. Remember that traffic may be an issue, so plan your ride in advance if you can to avoid delays.

Depending on where you get your taxi and whether traffic is heavy, taxi prices may vary. Here’s a tipping guide that might be helpful if you’re grabbing a regular taxi. 

Munich Airport Travel: Lufthansa Express Bus

One of the lesser known, and even pro tips is the Lufthansa airport bus in Munich. Every day of the year, no matter which airline flies from Munich Airport, the Lufthansa Express Bus will provide a direct route to the city centre. You can check out their timetable by visiting their website here

Every 20 minutes, bus run from:

  • Munich Central Station (Munich Hbf) to Munich North (Schwabing) (on top pf U6 Nordriedhof) to Munich Airport T2
  • Munich Airport Center (MAC) to Munich Airport T1D (and vice versa.) 

Regarding the duration of the trip, from or to Munich Central Station, it takes around 45 minutes. And to or from Munich North, it takes around 25 minutes.

One-way tickets for adults cost 11.50 euros, while one-way tickets for children cost 6.50 euros.

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