The Ultimate Munich Public Transport Guide: Ticket Prices, Deals & Zones (2023)

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Confused by the Munich public transport system? Looking for a Munich zone map and an up-to-date list of fares? Let us simplify that for you!

This simple guide was created to help you understand Munich’s (somewhat confusing) public transport system in a simple and concise way. Los geht’s!

How to Use Munich Public Transport

Munich operates on an honour-based fare system, which means there are no entry gates/barriers to any U-Bahns, S-Bahns, trams, or buses.

Instead, ticket controllers conduct random inspections for tickets (often dressed incognito). Those caught without a VALID ticket will be fined, so be sure to validate your ticket beforehand at one of the blue validation machines.

The ticket inspectors in Munich are notoriously merciless when it comes to having the right ticket, so it’s not enough to simply buy a ticket – you must make sure your ticket is the correct one, and properly validated as well.

Where To Buy Munich Public Transport Tickets

The easiest way to ensure you have the right ticket is by using the MVV Journey Planner or MVG’s updated app, MVGO.

Munich Public Transport MVGO
Photo from MVG

MVGO lets you book tickets via HandyTicket ( Deutschland Ticket soon!), get connection information, and see live departure times directly through the app.

The Ultimate Munich Public Transport Guide: Ticket Prices, Deals & Zones (2023)
Photo from MVG

The app can be used to show transportation locations in real time, features localized language changes and additional support for those who are mobility impaired – so everyone can have their own personalized Munich public transport guide!

But that’s not all! You can also use MVGO for bicycle, e-bike and e-scooter rentals throughout the city.

The Ultimate Munich Public Transport Guide: Ticket Prices, Deals & Zones (2023)
Photo from MVG

First, you find (through the app) where to find the rental type you’re looking for. Then, you use the app’s QR scanner to scan the specific bike or scooter you want to use, registering it to your ID. After that, the bike is yours to use until you put it back! It’s all part of MVG’s bike extension.

Munich Public Transport Ticket Tariff Breakdown

The ticket you need depends on the following factors:

  • How many zones you’re travelling through
  • How many stops you’re travelling
  • How many trips you’ll need
  • Your age

In terms of zones, Munich is divided into 7 tariff zones – the largest of which is the M-Zone, which includes most of the city centre.

The Ultimate Munich Public Transport Guide: Ticket Prices, Deals & Zones (2023)
Photo from MVG

As a tourist, you’d most likely be staying within the M-Zone unless you’re travelling to/from the airport. The more zones you must travel through, the more expensive your ticket will be.

For trips where you are only moving 4 stops maximum on regular buses/trams or only 2 stops maximum on the S-Bahn, U-Bahn or Express buses, you are eligible for a cheaper Short Trip (Kurzstrecke) ticket. Otherwise, you must buy a regular one-way ticket (Einzelfahrkarte).

The Ultimate Munich Public Transport Guide: Ticket Prices, Deals & Zones (2023)
Make sure to validate your physical tickets with these stamp machines!

All single tickets in Munich are one-way only. This means you can only use the ticket for a single trip in one direction, regardless of the validity time of the ticket.

Transfers are fine, so long as you are travelling in a single direction). So if you plan to do a single trip, buying a single ticket makes sense.

If however you plan to use public transport multiple times throughout your time in Munich, then getting a stripe ticket, day ticket, or IsarCard (weekly/monthly pass) may make more sense.

Children are of course eligible for cheaper tickets. The discounts are as follows:

  • Children under 6: Travel free
  • Ages 6-14: Cheaper fares (exact rates below)
  • Youth 15-20: Eligible for the cheaper U21 Stripe Ticket

Munich Public Transport Ticket Deals

Of course, there are also perks for passengers and a variety of deals you should definitely be familiar with!

Free Rides On Your Birthday

With your own ID set up, you’ll be able to register when your birthday is on the app, which will record for the free use of the trains on that day!

Therme Erding Ticket

The Ultimate Munich Public Transport Guide: Ticket Prices, Deals & Zones (2023)
Photo from MVV

You can purchase a ticket for the thermal bath/water park in the Therme Erding. This ticket includes fare to and from the baths, 4 hours on-site and use of the galaxy slide paradise and wave pool.

If you’d like, once you arrive you may also pay for an extra day pass and access to the saunas. The return fare ticket is good for use until 6 am the following day.

The Bayern Ticket

The Ultimate Munich Public Transport Guide: Ticket Prices, Deals & Zones (2023)
Photo from Deutsche Bahn

The Bayern ticket is perfect for groups looking to do some travelling across the countryside, allowing for up to 5 adults to travel at a reduced rate on all regional trains.

The ticket works with a base fare of 26€ and adds 8€ for each subsequent adult up to a total of 5. This ticket is also great for day trips with children, as one adult can ride using this ticket and not pay for any children under the age of 15, no matter how many they have.

The 49 Euro Ticket / Deutschland Ticket

The Ultimate Munich Public Transport Guide: Ticket Prices, Deals & Zones (2023)
Photo from MVG

The 49 euro ticket is a new feature coming out in May of this year. This ticket will be good for unlimited monthly rides on any regional train in the country on any day of the week (including holidays!)

The ticket can be purchased online and is recorded digitally to each person’s ID (the ticket is not transferable). Since it is being offered as a monthly subscription model, the ticket can be cancelled at any time, so don’t worry about getting locked into any annual membership costs!

The Munich Card

The Ultimate Munich Public Transport Guide: Ticket Prices, Deals & Zones (2023)
Photo from MVG

Last but not least, we have the Munich card. The Munich card can be purchased as a single, group, or children’s card with uses for anywhere between 24 hours and 5 days.

This card will give you unlimited travel within the time paid for and up to a 70% discount at over 100 of the top attractions in the city – The Deutsches Museum, the Pinakothek der Moderne, Sea Life and Nymphenburg Palace to name a few.

The card is also good for discounts at the most popular restaurants in the city. You can download the guidebook that comes with the ticket for a full list of discounts available!

Munich Zone Map

As mentioned above, Munich is divided into 7 tariff zones. You can view a colour-coded map of the tariff zones here.

The zones (and their colours) are as follows:

  • M Zone (White): Encompasses the majority of the central Munich area
  • Zone 1 (Yellow)
  • Zone 2 (Red)
  • Zone 3 (Light Blue)
  • Zone 4 (Green)
  • Zone 5 (Orange): Where Munich Airport is located
  • Zone 6 (Blue)

Once you know which zones you’re travelling through, buying the right ticket should be simple!

  • For a single trip, buy an Einzelfahrkarte for the zones you’re travelling through (or a Kurzstrecke if travelling less than 4 stops on a regular bus/tram or less than 2 stops on the U-Bahn, S-Bahn, Express Bus)
  • If you plan to travel multiple times in a day, look into buying a day ticket for your zones
  • If you expect to travel multiple times but not necessarily all in the same day, consider buying a Stripe Ticket to validate as you go
  • If you expect to travel a lot within a week or month, consider buying an IsarCard

Current Prices for MVV Public Transport Tickets in Munich 2023

  • Single ticket short-distance: 1.90 euros
  • Single ticket zone M/2 zones: 3.70 euros
  • Single ticket children zone M-6: 1.80 euros
  • Strip ticket: 16.30 euros
  • Strip ticket U21: 8.90 euros
  • Group day ticket (zones M to 5): 27.80 euros
  • Single day ticket (Zone M): 8.80 euros
  • Children’s day ticket: 3.50 euros
  • Bicycle day pass: 3.30 euros
  • IsarCards: Vary based on time of validity/zones. Full list here

More Questions About The Munich Public Transport?

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