Mountain Huts in Bavaria Are Re-Opening This Week! Here’s What You Need to Know

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Hikers, rejoice! After a recent announcement from the DAV (Deutscher Alpinverein) that hiking in small groups is once again permitted, it has now been announced that DAV mountain huts will be opening soon for the season as well… which means yes, you can treat yourself to an ice cold beer at the end of your hike, which is half the reason we hike anyway.

When will mountain huts be opening? And what are the rules? This article will tell you everything you need to know.

When Will the Mountain Hut Summer Season Begin?

While opening dates are up to individual huts, the following dates have been confirmed by as the opening timeline for huts this season:

  • From May 18 onwards, huts may open for food and catering (but not overnight stays), with only the outside areas accessible to guests
  • From May 25 onwards, huts may open for food and catering (but not overnight stays), with both outside and inside areas accessible to guests
  • From May 30 onwards, huts may open for overnight stays

Mountain Hut Opening Dates

As a reminder, while huts are allowed to re-open from May 18 onwards, not all of them will. Before planning your hike, be sure to double check the exact opening dates of the hut you intend to visit. Click here for a full list through the official DAV website.

Mountain Hut Hygiene Rules

  • Face protection (i.e. a mask or a scarf) must be worn both indoors and outdoors. Face protection may only be removed when sitting at one’s table.
  • Contact details will be recorded by staff. This will be done to track infection chains if needed.
  • Marked seating areas/walkways must be adhered to.ย Instructions from staff must also be obeyed at all times.
  • A minimum distance of 1.5m will be enforced. This distance must be kept in all areas (outside and inside), however it does not apply to those who are allowed to see and meet each other by Bavaria’s current rules (e.g. those in the same household).
  • Guests must be in healthy condition when they visit. If guests show any symptoms, they may not visit the hut.

In addition to these rules, the DAV has advised that guests should expect longer wait times (especially on weekends, public holidays, and days with great weather), as the capacity of huts has been reduced.

It is also recommended that hikers bring their own food and drink just in case so that they are able to complete their hike without a hut if necessary.

Further rules related to hygiene measure inside huts and overnight stays will be published soon. For more information, check out the official DAV website here.

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