Major S-Bahn Restrictions This Weekend: Stammstrecke Closed Between Pasing & Ostbahnhof

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If you plan to travel by S-Bahn this weekend, take note – major disruptions will be impacting the network throughout the weekend starting from tonight, May 15 at 10:30pm until May 18th at around 4:40am.Β 

Due to heavy maintenance and construction work, the entire Stammstrecke between Pasing and Ostbahnhof will be closed and replaced with bus services.

According to the official announcement via, here’s what you need to know.

Stammstrecke Closed This Weekend: Your Alternative Options

The Stammstrecke will be closed from May 15th at 10:30pm until May 18th, around 4:40am. During this time, the S-Bahn will not be running between Pasing and Ostbahnhof. Here are your alternative transport options:

  • Replacement buses: Buses will service the usual Stammstrecke route throughout the weekend, with buses every 10-15 minutes (apart from Saturday from 9am – 9pm, at which point they will run every 7 minutes). Click here for the timetable from Pasing to OstbahnhofΒ andΒ click here for the timetable for Ostbahnhof to Pasing.
  • Regional trains: Passengers going between Pasing and Hauptbahnhof or Ostbahnhof can use regional trains to do so.
  • U-Bahn and tram: Certain routes on the U-Bahn and tram will be running more frequently this weekend to accommodate more commuters. On Saturday, the U5 between Westendstrasse and Innsbrucker Ring will run every 5 minutes. Tram 19 between Pasing and Sendlinger Tor will also run more frequently on Saturday and Sunday evening.

Where will the S-Bahns Start and Stop Then?

While the Stammstrecke will be closed this weekend, S-Bahn lines will continue to service other parts of their route. For more information on the timetables and routes they will be taking, check out the official MVG website.

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