Impastably Good Food: A La Nonna Munich Review

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[WERBUNG/AD – Gifted Experience] Searching for some Nonna-nsense pasta? This week’s edition of #FoodieFriday has the perfect recommendation for you!

The past few days, we were invited to try out a great new Italian restaurant in Maxvorstadt that specializes in homemade pasta, a feel-good atmosphere, and portions so big your grandma would be proud. 

Impastably Good Food: A La Nonna Munich Review
? Schellingstraße 15

Conveniently located near the Universität U-Bahn station in central Munich is the small pasta powerhouse that is La Nonna.

Even though it has only been open a couple of weeks, one would think it’s an age-old city hot spot, which is exactly what the three owners intended. 

‘We wanted to create a bright, social atmosphere where everyone could come and enjoy time with friends at any time, where there is homemade fresh food, free from the typical overpriced options in Munich’ shared Simon, beaming as he motioned over to his friends and co-owners Gregor and Pasco across the room. 

So Many Pastabilities 

Our first impression of the pasta Paradiso was a simple (but surprisingly varied) menu.

As a true Italian spot should, La Nonna offers a great variety of spritzes, beverages (including beers from one of our local favorite rising stars, Giesinger Bräu). 

However, the main excitement we found was the inclusivity of their pasta. Not only do they offer a great selection, but they also have options that are vegan and gluten-free!

Impastably Good Food: A La Nonna Munich Review

When it comes to quality, we cannot rave enough.

During our visit we tried the Bruschetta Nona, the vegan avocado delight, punnily called ‘Avovaderci’, a classic carbonara and, of course, an impressive Italian dessert capped it all off–in the form of some amazing Tartufo al Pistacchio.

(This last one was sadly a bit too much for us to finish after all the great pasta, but if we had room we’d have gladly polished that off too).

As simple as the combinations were, we were surprised with how fresh, flavourful and downright delightful our food was.

There is a certain magic to being able to take a simple, familiar dish and make it so memorable. 

For La Nonna, their secret lies with their Calabrian compatriot in the kitchen, Enzo. 

Impastably Good Food: A La Nonna Munich Review

Lasting Impressions of La Nonna, Munich

From the bright, welcoming decor, silly Italian classics playing in the background, to the hustle and bustle of the staff as they heartily laugh with each other while helping customers, all signs point to the truth that is emblazoned in neon on their wall: ‘No pasta, No party.’

Impastably Good Food: A La Nonna Munich Review
Our go to phrase

What We Like About La Nonna

  1. Fresh, bright flavors that you notice from the first bite
  2. Homemade aesthetics with that casual Italian flair
  3. Vegan and gluten-free options

What We Love About La Nonna

  1. Great portion sizes! 
  2. Appropriately priced (which = good value for your €)
  3. Fun atmosphere and an even more fun team

La Nonna Munich: Must-Knows

? Schellingstraße 15 80799 München

? Monday-Saturday 10:00 – 22:00 Uhr

? @lanonna_muc

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