City Approves Plan for “Sommer in der Stadt” ft. Oktoberfest Fair Booths, Rides & More

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For those still grieving the cancellation of Oktoberfest this year – there may be hope yet… a decentralized “Oktoberfest” may be hitting the streets of Munich this summer, and the city has already approved it.

Currently titled “Sommer in der Stadt” (or, Summer in the City), this newly approved concept will involve a decentralized pop-up fair throughout Munich, with different booths, rides & stalls scattered in spots around the city from mid-July onwards.

The initiative aims to help Volksfest Schaustellern (i.e. those who operate stalls, booths and rides at folk festivals) recover portions of their lost income from the cancellation of large-scale events like Frühlingsfest and Oktoberfest.

In addition to helping Schaustellern recuperate financial losses, another goal of the mini-festival is to liven up public life in the city and bolster the morale of residents in light of the Munich’s multiple event cancellations this year.

While full details of the plan are not yet known, the concept has officially been approved by Munich City Council, which (for those of you familiar with German bureaucracy!) is already half the battle. More on this as it develops.

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