The Best Asian Grocery Stores & Food Shops in Munich

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Okay, no hate on Edeka, Aldi and Lidl, but sometimes they’re a little lacking in the flavour and variety department.

Over the past few years, we’ve been on the constant lookout for awesome Asian grocery stores and food shops in Munich where we can stock up on our favourite spices, sauces, noodles, and more…

So what are our favourites?

Below, you’ll find a list of awesome places in Munich to shop for Asian groceries, mostly concentrated around the city center.

We’re always looking to add more to our list though, so let us know in the comments if you have any others that we missed!

First: Online Asian Markets that Deliver to Munich

If you’re looking for a good online option that delivers (ideal if you are ordering heavier items in bulk and don’t want to carry it yourself), there are a few Asian shops we’ve tried online that deliver to Munich.

Asiafoodland for instance is an online Asian shop with a massive selection of thousands of products, and free shipping if you order 60+ euros worth of stuff!

We’ve also had good luck with FreshAsia.

The Best Asian Grocery Stores & Food Shops in Munich

go asia Supermarket

Address: Two locations – Bahnhofpl. 7 (inside Karstadt) and Karlspl. 21-24 (inside the Stachus Passagen)

Hands down, our favourite Asian supermarket in Munich is go asia, which now has two locations super close to each other in the Altstadt.

Their selection of everything from noodles and sauces to frozen dumplings and seafood is unbeatable, and we literally just come here for fun sometimes.

We especially like their selection of Asian ceramics/kitchenware, and the fact that they offer 10% off everything on the 1st Saturday of the month.

The Best Asian Grocery Stores & Food Shops in Munich

Orient Shop

Address: Rosenheimer Str. 38, 81669 Munich

The Orient Shop wins for us in terms of size and variety.

This is the biggest, cleanest, least claustrophobic Asian grocery store we’ve found in Munich, and the experience here is overall a lot more pleasant than smaller shops.

You’ll find everything you need here, from giant 20kg bags of rice, a heavenly instant noodle selection, several freezers full of frozen dim sum, dumplings, etc. and more.

The Best Asian Grocery Stores & Food Shops in Munich

Hong Kong Market

Address: Inside the Motorama Ladenstadt, Rosenheimer Str. 30

Located a short walk from Orient Shop, Hong Kong Market offers a similar selection and price point (depending on the product, so it’s worth to do some price comparisons) but its main advantage is it’s open later than Orient Shop and the other Asian shop nearby, Thai Binh Duong which both close early on Saturdays.

If you want a reliable Asian grocery shop in Munich with a wide selection of fresh vegetables, spices, sauces and more, plus one that’s open until 8pm everyday apart from Sundays, Hong Kong Market is a good bet!


Address: Adolf-Kolping-Straße 10

We like Kohinoor for its central location and its huuuuge variety of spices.

While it’s a little cramped and claustrophobic when there’s a lot of customers, the service is friendly enough and they have a good variety of fresh veggies along with different sauces, spices and everything you need for whipping up a delicious Indian meal.

The garlic naan they have in the frozen section is delicious and they have some fresh naan on occasion too.

The Best Asian Grocery Stores & Food Shops in Munich

NOTE: Hat Bazar is another Indian shop pretty much right next door and some of the prices here were cheaper, but I’ve heard some horror stories of them selling expired products.

Just a heads up if you want to compare prices because they’re so close.

The Best Asian Grocery Stores & Food Shops in Munich

Shanghai Markt

Address: Herzogstraße 2

Shanghai Markt is a great Chinese grocery store located really close to Münchner Freiheit.

It may be small but the selection is huge, the prices are among the cheapest we’ve found in Munich and the owners are usually very nice and friendly.

They have a nice selection of fresh veggies in addition to an entire room dedicated to different kinds of rice and noodles.

Between that and the aisles stocked with different sauces and awesome Chinese snacks, we’re big fans!

Asia Center Munich

Address: Friedenstraße 2

Located right behind Ostbahnhof, the Asia Center is a huge Asian grocery store that seems more like a wholesale place where restaurants might buy their ingredients in bulk.

There’s tons of GIANT bags of rice, onions, etc. along with an extensive selection of frozen seafood and frozen foods like dumplings, buns, etc.

We like it because of its spaciousness, location close to Ostbahnhof and large selection of goods.

Best of all, they actually have a little restaurant attached to them that supposedly serves good authentic food, although we haven’t tried it.

Service here can be pretty slow, but that’s weirdly part of the charm for us – it makes us feel like we’re in Asia again!

Where are your favourite Asian grocery stores in Munich?

Let us know in the comments!

The Best Asian Grocery Stores & Food Shops in Munich

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