174 Bavarian Farm Workers Test Positive for Coronavirus

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Almost 500 people are currently in quarantine at a farm in the municipality of Mamming (Lower Bavaria), after 174 employees tested positive for coronavirus over the weekend, according to BR.

The farm, which grows strawberries, cucumbers, cabbage and beetroot, is located a few hundred meters away from the village itself. Its strict quarantine is said to now be monitored by security cameras.

According to a statement from the District Administrator of the Dingolfing-Landau district, Werner Bumeder (CSU), the outbreak appears to be within only this self-contained group, and does not appear to have spread to the general population.

The next steps of action are still being discussed, however free testing stations will be brought soon to Mamming, so that residents may get tested. This is in addition to the free tests that can be obtained at the family doctor, according to Bavaria’s free COVID testing policy. Whether or not there will be a local lockdown remains unclear.

The staff infected are said to be primarily seasonal harvest workers from Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria and Ukraine. Following inspection, District Administrator Bumeder has said that it appeared proper hygiene regulations had not been adhered to at the farm, particularly in regards to the mandatory separation of worker groups no larger than 25.

This news comes after seven cases were made known to the public on Friday. All employees are now said to have been tested, with those who tested negative now separated in a different residential complex.

At the time of writing, Bavarian Minister-President is hosting a press conference regarding the outbreak. You can watch it here.

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