Where to Watch Today’s Press Conference on Bavaria’s Upcoming Lockdown Exit Strategy: Restaurants, Schools, Hotels & More

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As lockdown measures slowly ease throughout the state, Bavaria’s state government will announce its next steps today in a press conference at noon.

According to BR, Bavarian Minister-President Markus Sรถder is set to unveil a comprehensive step by step plan and timeline for Bavaria’s exit out of lockdown, particularly in relation to key areas such as schools, daycare centers, restaurants, hotels and nursing homes. He will be joined by Hubert Aiwanger (Minister of Economy), Melanie Huml (Minister of Health), Michael Piazolo (Minister of Culture), and Carolina Trautner (Minister of Social Affairs).

You can watch the press conference live stream here starting at 11:55am.

UPDATE: We have translated the most important updates in English for you here.

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