Bavaria Lockdown Updates: Beer Garden & Restaurant Opening Dates Announced, Playgrounds Re-Opening & More

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At a press conference on Tuesday afternoon, the Bavarian state government outlined a comprehensive timeline and plan for easing out of the state’s lockdown measures, with long awaited announcements including reopening dates for the gastronomy and hospitality industries, as well as schools.

You can watch the full press conference here, but for your convenience, here are some of the most important updates:

Lockdown Updates for the Outdoors & Public Spaces

  • From Wednesday, May 6 onwards, a contact restriction (Kontaktbeschränkung) will be replacing the state’s exit restrictions. Under these restrictions, a 1.5m distance must still be maintained between people, as well as the 1 person limit on meeting with others outside of your household, however individuals may now once again visit their families
  • From Wednesday, May 6 onwards, playgrounds may re-open
  • By the weekend, there will be a plan in place for visitation opportunities at retirement homes. Visits will soon be possible with certain conditions, among which masks must be worn and distance needs to still be kept
  • From Monday, May 11 onwards, the rule limiting retailers to only 800m2 of retail space will be lifted, meaning stores of all sizes will be able to operate with no restrictions on retail space
  • From Monday, May 11 onwards, contactless individual sports (Kontaktloser Einzelsport im Freien) that are played individually rather than in teams (for instance, tennis and golf) will be allowed. Team sports will still not be allowed at this time
  • Outdoor swimming pools will not be opening until June at the earliest
  • There is currently no plan in place yet for the re-opening of gyms

Lockdown Updates for Gastronomy and Hospitality

  • From May 18 onwards, outdoor dining will be permitted until 8pm
  • From May 18 onwards, beer gardens will be permitted to re-open, although the specific requirements (e.g. distancing, maximum guest allowance, etc.) is still to be decided
  • From May 25 onwards, restaurants will be permitted to re-open (subject to strict hygienic conditions)
  • From May 30 onwards, hotels, holiday apartments, and campsites can once again begin accommodating guests. When asked by a journalist from Merkur, Söder confirmed that holidays and camping within Bavaria will be possible (source)

Lockdown Updates for Schools, Daycares & Childcare

  • By Pentecost (May 31), 50% of children should be able to return to daycares and schools
  • From May 11 onwards, families can form private childcare groups amongst themselves (maximum three families together in one group)
  • From May 11 onwards, students set to graduate next year (Vor-Abschluss-Klassen) and year 4 students of Grundschulklassen may return to school
  • From May 25 onwards, children will be allowed to return to kindergartens
  • Students from other grades (i.e. those not graduating this year or next year) will be slowly eased back into schools starting May 18 and 25, with a plan in place for weekly lessons for those in Year 5, Year 6, as well as Year 1 Grundschule students. The current goal is to return remaining grades to school in mid-June if circumstances allow
  • Bavarian Minister of Culture and Education, Michael Piazolo has also announced that school materials should be reduced and adjusted for students given the current circumstances

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