There’s a Glühwein Festival in Munich Right Now w/ 20+ Flavours (That You Probably Haven’t Heard Of)

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Beautiful bored people of Munich, if you’re anything like us, you’re basically hooked up to an IV of sweet, sweet Glühwein at this point of the season.

Well guess what? There’s a little-known festival where you can satisfy all your cravings… with 20+ types of Glühwein for you to try, including concoctions made with rosé, drinks infused with ginger and all other crazy twists on classic drinks (like a hot daiquiri).

We can’t lie to you though, the festival is kind of a weird place.

Welcome to the Weihnachtszauberwald Bogenhausen

It’s no secret that Munich is dotted with all kinds of Christmas markets and festivities this season (click here for a roundup), but one that’s far less popular than Tollwood and the main markets near Marienplatz is the Weihnachtszauberwald (Christmas Magic Forest) in Bogenhausen. One secret they’ve been harbouring is an ACTUAL Glühwein festival happening on its grounds. Here’s a peek at the menu.

What is there to see at the Weihnachtszauberwald Bogenhausen?

We paid the magic forest a visit this past week in the middle of the day, and in addition to two covered tents where they dutifully serve their Glühwein, there are a few food stalls, a Christmas train and a few different rides for the kids. It’s definitely not a full-blown Christmas market, so don’t come here if you’re wanting to do tons of shopping, but there’s a few activities for kids and well, it’s a great place to get absolutely wasted off a variety of Glühweins.

IN SHORT: Don’t come here for the actual market, come here to taste Glühwein in a quirky and odd environment!

Should I Visit the Weihnachtszauberwald Bogenhausen?

Sooo like we said earlier, this festival kind of a weird place. There’s early 2000s Latino-pop (think J-Lo and Ricky Martin) blasting while a disco ball swirls around and there’s Santa figurines on stage that may or may not move at any given moment.

There’s also expensive art pieces being sold on the side, lots of tacky Xmas decor (think blown-up Santas and half-deflated balloons) and bright red tables/chairs for you to cozy up at.

It IS a lot of fun though (if you don’t mind some kitsch), plus we’re sure it gets adequately bumpin’ in the evenings. 3pm on a weekday was probably not the best time to go…

What kind of Glühwein do they have at the Weihnachtszauberwald Bogenhausen?

Okay, let’s get to the good stuff!

The festival has 20+ drinks for you to try, including non-alcoholic variations too. The menu has a few interesting ones on the list, including…

Kirschmagie: Made with Morello cherries, and is somehow 13% in alcohol content. This hits you hard. (From personal experience)

Wolfsblut: How can you not want a drink called Wolf’s Blood? This drink is Bio and has ginger, elderberry, and other spices.

Alpenglühn: A Glühwein made with rosé!! It’s good – kind of like a regular one but more tart.

The “Tote Tante”: A morbid name considering it’s just hot chocolate and rum…

Honestly? They all sort of tasted similar. Don’t expect anything groundbreakingly different, but it’s still fun to try something a little out of the norm.

Weihnachtszauberwald Bogenhausen: Basic Info

Okay, want to check this place out? Let us say one last time that it’s a really odd place and the Glühwein flavour all sort of taste similar, but hey if you’re looking for something kinda different to do this weekend, here’s the info you need:

When is it happening: November 23 – January 6, 2018

Where is it: Englschalkringerstr 185 (Right in front of the Cosimabad)

Does it cost anything?: Entry is free, but of course any treats must be paid for!