Kitcho Japanese Restaurant Review: Fresh, Authentic Japanese Food in Munich

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We recently continued our search for good sushi in Munich with a lunchtime stop at the tiny Kitcho Japanese restaurant, a little spot hidden away from the masses just off of Maximilianstrasse.

To our surprise, we found the freshest, most authentic Japanese food we’ve had in Munich so far. Cue tears of joy. Here’s our full review!

Kitcho Japanese Restaurant: A Quick Overview

Address: Wurzerstraße 14

Tucked away on a quiet street just off of Maximilianstrasse, Kitcho is a simple, cozy Japanese restaurant that hosts a healthy mix of locals and visiting Japanese businessmen (always a good sign!!) Prices are pretty standard for Munich sushi (5 euros+ for basic rolls, 20 euros+ for sushi sets and combos) but the lunch menu (which we tried) was reasonable, with most dishes under 15 euros.

The Food at Kitcho Japanese Restaurant

While sushi features prominently on the menu, we were pleasantly surprised to see the emphasis was placed on a variety of other Japanese dishes too, including udon and soba noodles, tonkatsu and more.

We ordered some udon and the sashimi set, both off the (decently priced) lunch menu.

The sashimi set came with a variety of thinly sliced sashimi, alongside a bowl of fluffy white rice and miso soup.

The sashimi was the freshest I’ve had in Munich, and while I wish the cuts were a little thicker, there was no denying the awesome flavour! My one complaint is the rice was just regular jasmine rice, and not sushi rice, but the delicious miso soup more than made up for it.

The udon noodles were perfectly bouncy, and came in a delicious broth alongside the usual toppings like seaweed and bonito flakes. They also came with a side of basic cucumber/tuna rolls, which were simple but good.

One of the patrons near us was devouring a big plate of fried chicken which smelled AMAZING and definitely something we would go for next time.

Prices at Kitcho Japanese Restaurant

Because we both ate off the lunch menu, the prices weren’t too bad at all. About 13 euros for each of us (not including drinks).

Regular prices for dinner are a bit more, with basic rolls clocking in around 4-6 euros and sushi sets at 20 euros+.

Service at Kitcho Japanese Restaurant

The restaurant is really small and seems to have a single server system, which means food is a little slow coming out, but our server was young, friendly and fluent in Japanese and German (from what we heard as he interacted with other guests). No complaints about service besides a minor wait – other than that, it was perfectly pleasant.

Ambiance at Kitcho Japanese Restaurant

Again, the restaurant is small and cozy. It has a nice, unpretentious atmosphere and would be perfect for a casual lunch or dinner. Its decor is pretty standard “sushi place chic”, sprinkled with lucky cats and Japanese paintings.

Kitcho Japanese Restaurant: The Final Verdict

The food here was delicious! While we haven’t been to a lot of sushi places in Munich besides the typical “running sushi” joints, Kitcho has been the best we’ve tried by far in terms of freshness and flavour. It’s a small place, not overly fancy, but a great place in the city center to enjoy authentic Japanese cuisine. We definitely recommend it!

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