10+ Of The Tastiest Vegan Cafes And Delis In Munich

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With the wealth of Vegan Cafés and Delis in Munich, tantalising your tastebuds while staying plant based couldn’t be an easier option – if you’re looking to find love in a vegan plate – check out some of our favourites below!

Whether you’re enjoying an annual diet detox or you simply prefer to keep things animal free and dairy free, Munich has plant-y of options to help you live every month like it’s Veganuary.

Vegan Cafes And Delis In Munich

Om Nom Nom Café

The only place in Munich you will find a fully vegan cheese platter – Om Nom Nom has upped and renovated an old Butchery in Sendling and transformed it into a beautiful, pink, plant-based space.

The cakes are beautiful, the cheeseboard is phenomenal – but we’d recommend you go for their signature special – the classic grilled ‘cheese’ sandwich.

Address: Oberländerstraße 24a

Our Order: The Grilled Cheese (we also recommend adding in truffles and artichoke )

Opening times: Monday to Wednesday 10am – 4pm, Thursday & Friday 10am – 6pm, Saturday 10am – 4pm

Isabella Glutenfreie Pâtisserie

For a hallmark institution with a few locations across the country, as well as a placed named one of Germany’s best cafés in 2022, look no further than Isabella.

With a gorgeous range of patisserie classics like macarons, cakes, and pralines, and a huge drink selection, this spot in the Hackenviertel is the perfect place to indulge in Kaffee und Kuchen.

It’s exclusively gluten free, but the vegan options are predominant and clearly marked, with several lactose free treats also on offer.

Address: Hackenstraße 4

Our Order: Any of the sweet treats (you can’t go wrong) – but we also love the Home-made Vegan Pecan Granola (pecans, coconut blossom sugar and Omega 3)

Opening times: Monday to Saturday 9.30am – 6pm, Sunday 10am – 6pm

Oooh Baby I Like It Raw

With a name like that, we couldn’t walk past – and neither should you. This is a mellow spot by Isartor with an excellent brunch menu – think freshly made bagels and bowls with an emphasis on raw ingredients.

The vegan/vegetarian selection dominates the menu – and staff are happy to customise to suit your dietary needs.

Address: Rumfordstraße 39

Our Order: A piece of their daily cake (new options regularly!) or a big veggie bagel brunch

Opening times: Monday to Sunday 9am – 5pm

Tushita Teehaus

Vegan Cafe Tushita Teehaus
Photo from Tushita Teehaus

This is one of the most serene places in Munich – an homage to the Japscandi aesthetic (forest greens, warm natural stones and woods), you’d be hard pressed to find a better cuppa in the city.

The tea selection is impressive – as is their exclusively vegan menu. Everything is grown organically and the menu is seasonal with an emphasis on health and freshness – Chinese dietetics underpin the philosophy of the menu.

Address: Klenzestraße 53

Our Order: Chai and a Matcha Cake

Opening times: Monday to Wednesday 11.30am – 8pm, Thursday & Friday 9.30am – 8pm, Saturday 10am to 8pm

Wagners Juicery

Vegan Deli Wagners Juicery
Photo from Wagners Juicery

Come for the juices, stay for the plant-based eats. Wagners is a health conscious, minimalist chic café serving up smoothies, fruit bowls and salads. Everything is plant based and delicious – if you’re one for add-ons and creative ingredients, Wagners is for you.

Address: Fraunhoferstraße 43

Our Order: Pe’ahi Smoothie (raspberries, peanut butter, cherries, plant-based protein, rice milk, acerola) and an Indian Summer Wrap (masala chapati, seitan, mango sauce, carrots, sprouts, fresh herbs, lime & mint dressing)

Opening times: Monday to Saturday 8am – 5pm

A Little Lost

Vegan Cafe A Little Lost
Photo from A Little Lost

A small place just west of Old Town, A Little Lost offers a humble selection of hot drinks with a completely vegan set of snacks and treats to keep you going through your day. From sweet to savoury, this cafe has a little treat or a sizeable bite for everyone

Address: Lämmerstraße 6

Our Order: Cheesy Avocado Panini

Opening times: Monday to Friday 8am – 3pm, Saturday & Sunday 9am – 4pm

Café Lozzi

Vegan Cafe Cafe Lozzi
Photo from Cafe Lozzi

Don’t sleep on Lozzi – a chic café/bar hybrid  full of colour, coffee, and vegan treats. With regular live music, readings, workshops and sessions, this is one of our favourite spots to hang out.

All baking is done in house and there is a huge variety of options which change daily.

Address: Pestalozzistraße 8

Our Order: Vegan Cinnamon Roll

Opening times: Tuesday to Thursday 12pm – 11pm, Friday 12pm – 12am, Saturday 9am – 12am, Sunday 10am – 6pm

Café Ignaz

Vegan Deli Cafe Ignaz
Photo from Cafe Ignaz

This wholesome family-run café is a great place for a quick bite or a hearty feed. Park up on the terrace and grab something from the buffet or a sweet something. The staff are lovely, the vibe is cozy, and the menu is creative – there’s a lot to love.

Address: Georgenstraße 67

Our Order: Vegan Rhubarb Cheesecake OR Gnocchi from the daily menu

Opening times: Wednesday to Friday 10.30am – 10pm, Saturday 8am – 10pm, Sunday 8am – 9pm

Cafe Josefina

Vegan Cafe Cafe Josefina
Photo from Cafe Josefina

This delightful spot is gluten free, sugar free, vegan, and organic. Cafe Josefina’s convictions are only matched by the selection of items available. Coffee and teas, breakfasts and cakes, wine, beer, juice, sandwiches…the possibilities are staggering. The cafe also makes new hot vegan meals daily that ca be found here. Personally, we’d suggest grabbing a quinoa breakfast and raspberry/vanilla smoothie.

Address: Augustenstrasse 113 

Our Order: Quinoa breakfast with a small fruit salad

Opening times: Monday to Friday 7:30am – 7pm , Saturday & Sunday 9am – 7pm 


Vegan Cafe Togather
Photo from Togather

With a gorgeous space and a long communal table for solo diners, Togather has something for everyone. Focussing primarily on providing vegan and plant based food options (though there are also several non-vegan options), this is a great place to head for brunch.

Our favourite thing to do though? Pre-order a brunch box to take away and have a picnic with your friends!

Address: Schwanthalerstraße 160

Our Order: Vegan Chicken Caesar salad, Brunch Box

Opening times: Wednesday & Thursday 11.30am – 11pm, Friday & Saturday 10am – 12am, Sunday 9am – 10pm

Café Omo

Vegan Cafe Cafe Omo
Photo from Cafe Omo

A true tastebud tickler – Café Omo is an Ethiopian restaurant you don’t want to miss. A cosy dining room filled with Ethiopian art and basketry – and comforting stews to die for.

Definitely take your order with a side of Injera – a sourdough (gluten free), spongy flatbread to mop everything up.

Address: Zenettistraße 25

Our Order: Beyaynetu (a plate full of various vegan sauces/curries) with Injera

Opening times: Wednesday to Saturday 5.30pm – 10pm, Sunday 5.30pm – 9pm

Deli Kitchen

Vegan Deli Deli Kitchen
Photo from Deli Kitchen

Tucked away in Obergiesing you’ll find this gorgeous deli style café. Cosy and with outdoor seating, you’ll find the vegan baked section is unparalleled (looking at you Jamaican Ginger & Banana Bread) and the deli style lunch options are delicious.

Address: Gietlstraße 17

Our Order: Jamaican Ginger & Banana Bread or one of their dazzling daily soups

Opening times: Monday to Sunday 10am – 5pm

Planty Sandwiches

Vegan Deli Planty Sandwiches
Photo from Planty Sandwiches

Like all delis, Planty Sandwiches has croissants, pastries, and some hot drinks for you to enjoy. But, as the name suggests, these guys do sandwiches and they do them well. From a spicy Asian handheld with a crunch to a fresh and flavourful pesto and Varmesan, Platy sandwiches has it all.

Address: Altheimer Eck 9

Our Order: Dirty Harry or Bangkok Crunch

Opening times: Monday to Friday 10am – 7pm, Saturday 10am – 6pm

Lono Vegan Deli

Vegan Deli Lono Vegan Deli
Photo from Lono Vegan Deli

Spectacularly and exclusively vegan, Lono marries deliciousness with the importance of a sustainable, plant based future.

Whether you’re looking to do your grocery shop (the range is fantastic), or choose something from the deli (think antipasti, bowls, creative salads, spreads, cheeses and baked goods) – you’re bound to find something new and exciting to try.

Address: Kazmairstraße 38

Our Order: Spicy rice salad

Opening times: Monday to Wednesday 9am – 4pm, Thursday & Friday 9am – 7pm, Saturday 10am – 4pm

Bracchio Bros

Vegan Deli Bracchio Bros
Photo from Bracchio Bros

Braccchio Bros is a plant-based deli with Asian inspiration. From Bann Mi to Donburi, we highly encourage taking a look at their mouth-watering menu.

With hot and cold drinks as well as desserts available, this deli has it all. We chose the donburi simply because the sandwich options were too tasty to choose just one.

Address: Fraunhoferstraße 17

Our Order: Soy-Glazed Eggplant Donburi

Opening times: Monday to Saturday 11am – 8pm


Vegan Deli Noams
Photo from Noams

“The best counter in Glockenbachviertel”, Noams is a laid back vegetarian deli (with lots of vegan options) where you can pick and choose from various bowls, salads, soups and treats.

In our humble opinion – the sweet potato bread here slaps.

Address: Holzstraße 19

Our Order: Protein Bowl and Sweet Potato Bread

Opening times: Monday to Friday 9am – 7pm, Saturday 9am – 4pm

Any Other Vegan Cafes And Delis In Munich We Should Add to The List?

Let us know in the comments or if you are interested in more food and drinks finds, browse our Foodie Friday archives, our Munich food archives, and of course our Instagram & TikTok.

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