The Biggest Sporting Event Since the Munich Olympics; The European Championships 2022

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From August 11-August 21, 2022 Munich will be home to the largest sporting event in Germany since the 1972 Olympics!

The European Championships 2022 will bring together some of the greatest athletes competing for the title of ‘European Champion’. This event will host nine different Olympic sports; triathlons, beach volleyball, cycling, gymnastics, canoe sprinting, rowing, sport climbing, and table tennis.

What Are The European Championships 2022?

The European Athletics Championship (EAC) is an athletic competition that challenges European athletes against one another in a variety of sports.

The 2022 European Athletics Championship will take place at Olympiapark as well as in other locations in the heart of Munich to commemorate the Olympic stadium’s golden anniversary.

How Long Have The EAC’s Been Around?

The European Athletics Championships (EAC) were originally held in Italy in 1934 with 22 athletic events. Over the next 88 years, the number of events more than doubled to almost 50, and the number of athletes increased by six times.

This will also be the largest sporting event Munich’s Olympic stadium has held since the 1972 Summer games!

When Are The European Championships Happening in Munich?

There will be several events until the 21st of August, with first official competition starting on August 11,2022. From the athletics marathon to climbing at Kรถnigsplatz to beach volleyball, which can be seen in the graphic below.

The European Championchips 2022
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In addition, there will be many fantastic activities (free!!) to attend. Concerts, workshops, festivals and great family friendly activities. We’d recommend you have a look at their full program here for the full program!

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