You Need To Visit The Auer Dult! (Munich’s Favorite Market Festival)

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From October 14-October 22 , 2023 The Auer Dult will host it’s fall event at Mariahilfsplatz! Make sure to stop by and find out just why the Münchners say “Dult is cult”.

This tri-annual market festival is an amazing spot for the whole family. With 290 merchants opening shops, a multitude of children’s rides & attractions as well as some seriously good eats!

The Auer Dult

What Is The Auer Dult?

The nine-day “Auer Dult” festival is held three times a year at Mariahilfplatz in Munich’s Au district. And has been a Munich folk fest tradition since 1320.

A “dult” was once a fair associated with a religious event that attracted tradesmen and performers. However, over the years, the word’s meaning evolved, and today it just means a fair. And of course, the location it is held is in the borough of “Au” (in Munich is referred to as “Auer”).

There are actually three Dult festivals a year. The first Dult typically takes place during the first weekend in May, aptly named “Maidult”. The second occurs the end of July and beginning of August and is call the “Jakobidult” and in autumn the “Kirchweih” is held.

What Can You Do At The Auer Dult?

There are three different areas you can discover at the Auer Dult: A general market, an arts and crafts market and a household item market. In addition to the markets, there are also some great fairground rides, food stalls and of course a great beergarten!

Our favourites are definitely the huge variety of food at the Auer Dult. From sweets like sugar roasted almonds, marzipan and assorted fall pastries to local Munich classics like Käsespätzle and Schupfnudeln, there is one mouthwatering adventure to be had!

How To Get To The Auer Dult And Opening Times

Getting there is actually pretty easy due to the central location. You can go by Tram via line 18, Buses 52 and 62 to Mariahilfplatz or Subway (U-Bahn) lines U1/2 (Stations Fraunhoferstraße or Kolumbusplatz). We’d also recommend you go by bike if the weathers nice!

The opening times are daily from October 14-October 22 2023. The market and food vendors are open from 10am-7pm while the rides and attractions are open from 10:30am to 7pm.

Pro Tip: Tuesday October 17th is Family day! Discounted prices are offered by the fairground section . Benches for tired children and adults, as well as changing, nursing and parking for strollers are also available.

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