Taco Tuesday at Sausalitos Review: The Cheapest Tex Mex and Cocktails in Munich

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Taco Tuesday at Sausalitos: A Quick Overview

If you’re looking to satisfy that craving for sweet Tex Mex in Munich, no doubt – Taco Tuesday at Sausalitos is the cheapest way to do it. At 1 euro per taco every Tuesday, you could easily be swimming in tacos like a mexi-millionaire.

But how’s the quality really? Let’s taco bout it.

NOTE: We went to the Sausalitos Schwabing location near the university.ย There are a lot of other locations scattered around Munich too, but know that this review is all about that one specific location!

Taco Tuesday at Sausalitos: The Food

When each taco is only a euro, you might expect that the quality isn’t the best.

Sadly, this is true.

First off – the 1 euro promo only applies to some of the more basic fillings like…

  • Chili con carne
  • Pollo
  • BBQ Pollo
  • Mixed veggies

This means that some of the more exciting tacos on the menu are off-limits.

You should also know that the tacos are really small. We had 6 each of the chili con carne and pollo tacos, and still had room for yam fries and 2 cocktails after. There’s not a ton of filling in each taco, just a spoonful really, accompanied by some lettuce, canned corn and a bit of tomato. Overall it tastes fine, but if you’re used to really flavourful and amazing Tex Mex, then this will definitely be a bit disappointing.

We tried a few cocktails while we were thereย  as well. They were super sweet and sugary, but tasty nonetheless and the jumbo cocktails came with fun candy skewers.

Taco Tuesday at Sausalitos Review: The Cheapest Tex Mex and Cocktails in Munich

Taco Tuesday at Sausalitos Price List

The brilliant thing about Sausalitos is that there’s always some kind of promo going on. Just as Happy Hour ends, a new drink special comes to replace it, thus ensuring that you stay in the restaurant’s clutches until the wee hours of the night and you’re schwasted on 50% off margaritas. Table dancing is encouraged of course, but not mandatory ๐Ÿ˜‰

Besides the 1 euro tacos, main courses like burgers, burritos, etc. range from 12-15 euros. During Happy Hour (from 17h-20h), normal cocktails are 4.90 and jumbo cocktails are 6.90, then from 23h onwards, you can score a jumbo for the size of a regular. Yes, these restaurants are designed to get you hammered, and we’re not mad about it.

Taco Tuesday at Sausalitos Review: The Cheapest Tex Mex and Cocktails in Munich

Service atย Sausalitos

Service of course depends on the location and staffer. Overall we’ve never had a terrible experience. The servers are friendly enough, plus they cart over them tacos just fine. No complaints on our end.

Ambiance at Sausalitos

At the Schwabing Sausalitos, we were greeted with dim lighting, candles and a youthful, fun atmosphere. We’ve heard that things get progressively rowdier (and drunker!) as the night and drink specials wear on, so if you’re not prepared for a loud evening out, then come a little earlier.

Taco Tuesday at Sausalitos Review: The Cheapest Tex Mex and Cocktails in Munich


Taco Tuesday at Sausalitos: The Final Verdict

Soooo, Taco Tuesday… I mean, it’s fine.

Like, it’s super cheap, you get to eat a lot of tacos for virtually nothing and the practically-free jumbo cocktails help to (literally) sweeten the deal. That said, at a euro a pop, don’t expect amazingly flavourful tacos. They’re alright, they satisfy a craving, but the fillings are pretty mediocre and overall just “okay”.

Still… a euro though. You can literally get three tacos for the price of a bus ride. SO, when you’re hungry and broke on a Tuesday, remember that Sausalitos will always be there to welcome you home.

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