There’s a New (Mini) Palm Tree Garden at Theresienwiese! Here’s What It Looks Like

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It may not be the same as lounging in Mallorca, but if you’ve craving tropical vibes in Munich this summer, we have some good news: there’s a new mini palm garden at Theresienwiese, complete with sand and 30 loungers for you to soak in the sunshine (or rainstorms, depending on how our fickle weather feels that day)!

This new space is an initiative by GreenCity, who have stated that their goal with the garden is to create “a public space for relaxation, discussion, creativity and sustainable enjoyment”.

The garden is open 24/7 and available to the public for free… and while there’s not much around the area at the moment, there are plans to introduce many more activities and vendors (including pop-up bars with cocktails!) as part of Sommer in der Stadt, which will be taking over Munich in the coming weeks.

… but before you get too excited, know that when we say mini, we really do mean it! We were expecting a HUGE oasis of palm trees based on photos we had seen, but the real space only occupies one small strip of sand in the entire Wiesn, with 13 trees scattered along. Here’s a zoomed out photo for reference:

There's a New (Mini) Palm Tree Garden at Theresienwiese! Here's What It Looks Like

A Few Fun Facts About the Theresienwiese’s New Palmen-Garten

According to BR, here are some facts for you about Theresienwiese’s new palm garden:

  • There are 13 palm trees total
  • There are 30 sun loungers available for seating
  • The palm trees come from the city of Munich’s nursery
  • The sand comes from Munich city playgrounds

Theresienwiese’s New Palmen-Garten: How to Visit

Location: Theresienwiese, East Side (Across the Wiesn southeast from Lady Bavaria)

Hours: Open daily, all day and night

Cost: Free to visit

Facilities: We saw some portable toilet stalls nearby (think the outdoor toilet trailers you see at Oktoberfest, with flushable toilets and sinks)

Food and drink options: Bring your own, but more vendors will arrive soon for Sommer in der Stadt

There's a New (Mini) Palm Tree Garden at Theresienwiese! Here's What It Looks Like

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